Physical: 100 will return for a second season of gruelling challenges

Physical: 100 contestants pulling a boat
Get ready for even more action from Physical: 100. (Image credit: Netflix)

Netflix has officially confirmed that Physical: 100 will be returning for more grueling action!

Physical: 100 debuted at the start of the year. The Korean game show pitted 100 people in peak physical condition from all kinds of disciplines against one another in a Squid Game-esque competition designed to find the one person with the ultimate physique. 

As of June 14, we know that there are another 100 contestants from all kinds of backgrounds waiting to take on a new batch of challenges when Physical: 100 season 2 hits Netflix

The series was a huge hit for Netflix; it was the streamer's first unscripted show to become Netflix's most popular non-English program. In a statement, director Jang Ho-gi shared how grateful he was to be bringing the series back and promised that there are 'fresh elements' on the way.

"We are very grateful Physical: 100 received so much love from fans all across the globe", he said, "and we paid attention to all the comments and feedback.

"We decided to retain the essence of the show—finding the perfect physique—while introducing fresh elements. This is our way of expressing our gratitude to the fans of the show."

Jang Ho-gi went on to tease how the show will evolve to keep the competition fresh for our next batch of competitors, including revealing that the new set will be expanded to 'create an even larger universe to challenge the participants.' (That's a big promise as season 1's was already the size of two whole soccer fields!)

"I'm honored to meet a lot of contestants whom I feel are overqualified. And I'm also collaborating with many experts to make sure we have even more electrifying and well-designed quests that will leave audiences on the edge of their seats. I give you my word that we will be back with an all-new season that's got everything taken up a notch for our global fans", he concluded. 

A release date for the second season has not yet been confirmed. If you need a refresher on how Physical: 100 works, who won Physical: 100's first season or want to know how much the Physical: 100 cash prize was worth, we broke the show down when it was airing earlier in 2023. 

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