Selling Sunset fans love 'iconic duo' Christine Quinn and Chelsea Lazkani

Christine Quinn and Chelsea Lazkani
Selling Sunset watchers are loving the new friendship between Christine Quinn and Chelsea Lazkani. (Image credit: Netflix)

Selling Sunset fans adore the new friendship between 'Queen Bee' Christine Quinn and newcomer Chelsea Lazkani, with fans branding them as an 'iconic duo.'

The series' long awaited arrival has finally hit our screens to treat us to even more drama, unexpected romance, scandals and stunning luxury homes.

This time, it looks like Selling Sunset season 5 has also treated us to a new "iconic duo" in the form of luxury real estate agents Christine and Chelsea.

It was clear in episode one that there was still hostility between self-named villain Christine and the Oppenheim Group women, after the brutal argument she had with her co-workers in season 4.

Christine has since been "terrified" to speak in front of them in case it all blows up again, but her worries seemed to disappear when she met the glamorous British-Nigerian realtor Chelsea.

The pair hit it off quickly after meeting each other at a broker’s open and they realised they had a lot in common.

 “I just love this view," Chelsea said later on while they both stood on the balcony of the huge mansion.

“And I love looking down on people,” Christine added.

“The little people,” Chelsea chimed in.

“Hi peasants!” they both jokingly shouted in unison as they waved and laughed.

Chelsea Lazkani and Christine Quinn

Chelsea and Christine hit it off straight away. (Image credit: Netflix)

“I feel like she’s my real-estate soulmate,” Christine gushed after their chat and described Chelsea as a “breath of fresh air.”

As Chelsea wanted to return to work after her maternity leave, she told Christine that she would like to work for a well-established firm such as the Oppenheim Group.

Christine was all for helping her set up a meeting with boss Jason, who had previously sold a house to Chelsea’s husband, Jeff.

It wasn’t long before she was impressing him with her expertise and perseverance and she wasted no time in trying to immerse herself with the other Oppenheim girls.

They seemed suspicious of her friendship with Christine which caused some friction for the group, but despite the controversy, we saw Chelsea stick up and support Christine throughout the series.

Fans are loving the pair's new-found friendship, calling them an "iconic duo"...

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Selling Sunset season 5 is available to watch on Netflix.

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