The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills fans finally find out what Sutton’s 'very dark' comments were

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: Crystal's shocked face
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As the ladies of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills (RHOBH) prepared for a getaway in Mexico, there were still loose ends to tie up from episodes past. That’s how episode five kicked off for two cast members.

Kyle Richards and Crystal Kung Minkoff met up for lunch to discuss the seemingly never-ending conversation about the “very dark” comments Sutton Stracke allegedly said. “I’m just gonna be really clear about this. I’m not gonna repeat what she said,” Crystal told Kyle. 

Kyle said that Crystal shouldn’t have said anything then, a sentiment many fans stood by last week. The talk continued with Kyle accusing Crystal of gaslighting the situation, a comment she didn’t appreciate. Let the open-endedness continue (just for now!).

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Sutton met with Garcelle Beauvais for sushi… and a side of talking about the Crystal situation. We learned that Sutton and Crystal had met up over the summer to talk about these very comments — yes, the “very dark” comments. A flashback showed it playing out on camera last year where Sutton is telling her a story about how her white daughter had friends over in her Jacuzzi, and one was Black, one was Chinese, and one was a red head, and that’s how it should be. 

Sutton claimed that’s all that was said. Garcelle (and us, for that matter) felt like she was missing something, because it all seemed so light. Just like in episode four, Garcelle warned her friend to watch her back with Crystal.

Meanwhile, Lisa Rinna grieved the passing of her mother, Lois, who had made various appearances on RHOBH over the years. Lisa decided to still join the other ladies on the Mexico trip, and they all came together to support her during the difficult time. But as you’d imagine, the drama didn’t keep at bay for long. 

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Thanks to a private jet supplied by rookie Diana Jenkins, the women arrived in Punta de Mita, Mexico, in style. What would the first dinner of vacation be without some heated conversation? 

Sutton and Crystal were in a good place when they spoke a week ago at Sutton’s store event — although not much was said — and now they’re back in the trenches. Crystal said that the two of them had already talked and gone through it a year ago, to which Sutton asked why she brought it up and explained her feelings.

Crystal seemed to receive Sutton saying that this is the second time she’s tried to assassinate her character and it made her nervous about their friendship. But Erika Jayne chimed in to draw similarities between what Crystal did to Sutton and what Sutton did to Erika last year, like what she tried to do in episode three

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The rest of the dinner looked like it would circle the drain of 'what did Sutton say that was so dark', but we finally got our answer. Many of the women agreed that by Crystal not saying what it was that people were going to fill in the blanks themselves and it was going to be bad. 

“I’m ****ing pissed,” Sutton said. “I said nothing wrong. And I said nothing bad.” Sutton’s relatively calm tone turned to anger towards Crystal for bringing it up in the first place when they had squashed it. 

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Those emotions seem to be what led Sutton to reveal that she’s talked to some of Crystal’s ex-friends, who warned her that “Crystal will make sure that she’s the best friend with the most powerful girl in the group, and she will do anything she can to get there.”

The ladies were still pining to know the “very dark” comments, and Sutton told the Jacuzzi story like she did to Garcelle earlier. Note that Crystal thought that these comments were said that one night in Lake Tahoe last year, but it really happened the next day when Kyle wasn’t present — but the cameras still were. 

Crystal confirmed that the Jacuzzi story had those dark moments. She looked to Garcelle to see if she also thought they were problematic, which she answered no. The consensus was that Crystal was eluding to something so much worse, and that in itself was harmful to Sutton.

Anticlimactic? Maybe. But hey, at least we know.

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