The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills introduces a new friend-of a housewife

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills
What happened in The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills this week? (Image credit: Bravo)

Back in Beverly Hills after a vacation in Mexico, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills (RHOBH) ladies were introduced to a new friend-of-a-Housewife in episode eight: Sheree Zampino. 

Brought in by Garcelle Beauvais, Sheree is the ex-wife of actor Will Smith and the pair share a son together. Funny enough, Garcelle dated Will after his divorce from Sheree (the women didn’t know each other at that point).

The ladies all have a group chat, so Kyle Richards texted them saying that she hoped everyone was getting some rest after the trip. Diana Jenkins, who had recently had a miscarriage, wrote back saying that doctors were putting her on bed rest because she had been bleeding for eight weeks straight and had four major surgeries in the last few weeks to save her uterus. She also noted that she wouldn’t normally send this kind of information in a group text, “because it makes me look like a whining b****, but Garcelle might think I’m rude. There it is,” Diana wrote, implying she wouldn’t be going to Garcelle’s birthday party, whose name she misspelled.

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Dorit Kemsley and Sutton Stracke met up to talk about Mexico and the tiff that occurred between Sutton and Diana in episode six. Sutton noted that she apologized right away for her part and Diana indicated that things between them were fine. However, then Diana wanted Sutton to sit in another seat (that was away from her) on the private jet home last episode. Also, Sutton didn’t appreciate Diana’s jab toward Garcelle in the text message. 

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The day of Garcelle’s 55th birthday party, Sutton sent Diana a text and Diana wrote back that she’ll see her that night, so she actually planned to go after all. As if that wasn’t interesting enough, we saw that Sutton and Erika Jayne were still on good terms (or whatever the definition of “good” is between them). Erika even told Sutton that she was going to call her for advice on what to get Garcelle, but she ended up sending her flowers. Erika? Calling Sutton? Maybe they truly are getting somewhere. 

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

A new Housewife joined the show in episode 8. (Image credit: Bravo)

Diana walked into Garcelle’s party with her fiancé, Asher, and threw some side shade by saying that “it’s dead indeed.” More shade was given as her gift, which was a flower arrangement with a signed copy of Diana’s book in the center. Last episode, Garcelle told Diana that she thought it was rude how she shut down the conversation about the book when Dorit asked about it. 

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Sheree was introduced to the group at the party, and it turns out that she was friends with Sutton as well, and it seemed like Sheree was very comfortable with the other ladies.

Kyle was talking with Diana and brought up how Sutton felt about being told where to sit on the plane ride. Later on, Sutton pulled Diana aside and told her that it was confusing that she’s on bedrest but still came to the party. Sutton revealed that she had two miscarriages before, so she understands. However, Diana didn’t appreciate the openness, and said that her situation is “more than that” and accused Sutton of being phony. 

As Sutton was trying to talk, Diana made random sounds over her. It continued to get ugly with Diana saying, “you are the fakest person I’ve ever met in my life, literally. By the way, also you’re boring. I can forgive everything. I can’t forgive being boring.” 

The situation continued with Diana saying that when they were in Mexico and she opened up about her brother dying in the war, Sutton was fake then, too, which was when Sutton mentioned that her father had taken his own life. Kyle and Garcelle joined in and Sutton and Diana quickly recapped what they were talking about. Kyle stood up for Diana while Garcelle stood up for Sutton. 

Garcelle did not let Diana get away with calling Sutton “boring” or “frail and old.” Garcelle shut it down with, “oh, you know what, that’s bull****. You’re being really mean right now. You’re being really mean. And what you’re not gonna do is you’re not gonna mess up my birthday, so goodnight.” Sutton and Diana continued fighting, and Sutton called her an “***hole” and “a soulless person.” “You need a new villain? Here I am,” Diana said. 

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In case you were curious, Garcelle mentioned in the last episode that Denise Richards, who was on RHOBH seasons nine and 10, would be coming to her party, however, she was a no-show and it hurt her feelings. “She’s not a friend to you,” Erika told her. 

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills season 12 continues Wednesday at 8 pm ET/PT on Bravo in the US. In the UK, new episodes can be streamed on hayu and are available to Sky TV and NOW customers one day after they air on Peacock.

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