Why 90 Day Fiancé fans are rallying behind Miona

Miona on 90 Day Fiancé season 9
Miona on 90 Day Fiancé season 9 (Image credit: TLC)

So far during this season of 90 Day Fiancé the breakout style star has been Jibri. While his looks are not something everyone can pull off, he certainly can be applauded for his ability to mix his bold pop music persona with his country roots. Who can forget his infamous pink suit with the accompanying cowboy hat? 

Now although Jibri’s fashion continues to set Twitter abuzz, it's his fiancé’s clothes that are the talk of the recent episode, titled "If I Have to Turn This Car Around." Viewers will recall prior to the May 22 episode, Jirbi’s mother made some interesting comments about the way her future daughter-in-law dresses. She was clearly not a fan of Miona’s "sexy" style based on the photos the Serbian-born make-up artist posted on her Instagram account. From what we’ve seen, her clothes just remind us of outfits any millennial who’s a fan of the Kardashians would wear. 

In the midst of Jibri’s mom helping Miona sort her laundry, the matriarch picks up one of the young lady’s shirts and mistakes it for some type of wrap for her hair. When Miona explains that it's actually a top, the facial expression of the woman of the house said it all. Jibri’s mother goes on to explain the way Miona dresses is different from the folks in Rapid City, S.D. That comment didn’t get a rise out of fans, but then his mom continues talking. 

The 90 Day mom eventually requests Miona wear more conservative clothes in her home and around her husband. Furthermore, the maternal figure calls Miona intelligent but says the way she currently dresses can distract people from that fact. We wish that awkward heart-to-heart would have stopped there, but it did not. 

During the mother’s confessional with the camera, she claims that if Miona is not willing to adjust her style while in the home, that would somehow show a sign of deep disrespect. She even questions why Miona’s freedom to express herself through her clothes should "trump everybody else’s needs." 

When word gets back to Jibri about what happened, he goes to his mom and questions her motives. However, by the end of the mother-son discussion, Jibri’s mother (who is a licensed therapist/counselor) manages to turn the conversation into a chat about why Jibri is stressed about getting married. Talk about the art of the pivot. 

90 Day Fiancé fans aren’t happy with Jibri’s mom

We can certainly understand why the 90 Day audience was not pleased with Jibri’s mother this week. What made her comments even more disheartening was the appearance she was judging Miona by her social media posts and not the person she had in front of her. By the way, Miona was wearing jeans and what looked to be a tank top with thick straps during their passive-aggressive dialogue. 

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