EastEnders spoilers: Lily Slater makes a HUGE baby decision

Lily Slater in the Queen Vic
Lily Slater has a huge decision to make. (Image credit: BBC)

Lily Slater decides whether to keep her baby in Friday's episode of EastEnders (7:30 pm. see our TV Guide for full listings)

Lily Slater has been grappling with the shock news that she's pregnant, ever since a routine pregnancy test when she went into hospital for carbon monoxide poisoning proved positive. 

The 12-year-old admitted to her mum Stacey Slater and gran Jean Slater that the father is her schoolfriend Ricky Mitchell, swearing that they only had sex once.

Trying to find the best way through the crisis, Lily's step dad Martin Fowler asks Stacey to support him in convincing Lily to have an abortion.

Stacey, however, is conflicted and she says she can't force Lily to make such a huge decision.

Meanwhile, Lily has been chatting to her pregnant aunt Whitney Dean about motherhood, without disclosing that she's pregnant, too.

What Whitney has to say gives Lily plenty of food for thought and she makes a decision about the baby.

Will she go ahead with a termination?

Linda Carter gets back behind the bar.

Linda Carter gets shock news from the police. (Image credit: BBC)

Alfie Moon is down in the dumps after Linda Carter stormed into the Queen Vic, furious with him for opening it up without her consent.

Feeling bad for making a grieving Linda even more upset, he realises that his hope he could help Linda get back on track has severely backfired. 

After losing her beloved childhood sweetheart Mick Carter, who died in a terrible drowning accident at Christmas, Linda couldn't face returning behind the bar of their pub, as it holds so many memories.

With Alfie now on the back foot, he knows he needs to prove to Linda that he's NOT trying to forget that Mick has died.

Gathering Mick's friends together, he surprises Linda with a vigil for Mick. Linda is touched by the gesture and she softens towards Alfie.

But it seems there might be more bad news on the way when the police turn up in the pub...

Lola Pearce talks to Lexi Pearce.

Lola Pearce has a decision to make after talking to daughter Lexi Pearce. (Image credit: BBC)

Lola Pearce has had food for thought after Kim Fox and her daughter Lexi Pearce started asking questions about her absent mum. 

She broaches the idea of looking for her mum with fiance Jay Brown, but he's not sure that it's such a good idea, worried it will put too much stress on her.

Sharon Watts is also concerned that going on a hunt for her mum just before the wedding might be too much for a seriously ill Lola, who is suffering from a terminal brain tumour.

After listening to Sharon advice to take things slowly, Lola wonders whether to drop the idea of a search.

Lola's granddad Billy Mitchell wants to get her the perfect wedding present and is stumped for ideas until he has a brainwave...

What is Billy about to do?

Also, Ricky Butcher gets custody of his niece Scarlett Butcher and makes plans to return to Germany but will Sam Mitchell go with him?

EastEnders continues on BBC One on Monday at 7:30 pm.