EastEnders spoilers: Mick Carter's Christmas HORROR!

Mick Carter and the family at Christmas
Mick Carter has a Christmas surprise that rocks his world. (Image credit: BBC)

Mick Carter has a Christmas from hell in the hour-long Christmas Day episode of EastEnders (9:25 pm. see our TV Guide for full listings).

Mick Carter and Janine prepare to host a family Christmas dinner after the drama of their nuptials the previous week.

It's set to be a typical Walford Christmas Day with trouble looming large, as Mick's mum Shirley Carter is still determined to expose Janine for the lying manipulative woman that she really is!

After Scarlett whisked away an incriminating snap that Shirley uncovered in a DVD box, Shirley was left suspicious. Unknown to her it was the photo of Frankie Lewis showing Janine disposing of her bloodied clothes from the car crash she pinned on Linda Carter.

Linda is keen to try and let the past go after encouraging Shirley to accept Janine into the Carter family. When the pair head to the Queen Vic to offer an olive branch to Mick, they're surprised when Janine insists they come to Christmas lunch.

As the family tuck into their turkey, all seems fairly peaceful. Until two unwelcome guests arrive...

Sharon Mitchell and Jada Lennox arrive at the Carters

Sharon Watts brings Jada Lennox to the Carter house. (Image credit: BBC)

Jada Lennox is back in the Square visiting her daughter's grandma, Sharon Watts. Janine has already seen her arrival and has been keen to keep her away from Linda.

She's aware that Jada is a ticking time bomb, as Janine paid her to plant alcohol and pin it on recovering alcoholic Linda so that social services would get involved. She then encouraged Jada to leave the Square in order to keep her devious plan secret.

When Jada reveals the bombshell secret to Sharon, she knows what she needs to do....

Is Jada about to tell Linda and the Carter family what Janine has been up to?

At the dinner table, Shirley kicks off and soon a HUGE row breaks out between her and Janine. With Janine's daughter Scarlett Butcher being the only person to know about Janine framing a drunk Linda for the car crash by moving her into the driving seat after the accident, it seems that all her lies are finally about to be exposed.

A stunned Mick finds himself in the centre of the storm as secrets and lies are revealed and he's forced to accept some harsh realities.

Will the blinkers finally fall from his eyes about Janine and will he admit that he's still in love with Linda?

It's Mick's very last day in Walford but will he leave with a whimper or a bang?

Jay Brown proposes to Lola Pearce

Jay Brown makes Lola Pearce's Christmas truly magical. (Image credit: BBC)

Lola Pearce wakes on Christmas morning to find daughter Lexi Pearce opening her presents on her bed. 

When attentive boyfriend Jay Brown gives Lola a thoughtful and beautiful gift, Lola is grateful to have the perfect Christmas, despite her terminal cancer diagnosis hanging over her.

When Lola's granddad Billy Mitchell makes a comment about Jay sticking with Lola, Jay reveals that he's going to propose!

After getting Ben Mitchell to help set things up, Jay takes Lola outside and romantically drops down on one knee to ask for her hand in marriage.

Will Lola say yes?

Alfie Moon dresses up as Santa and has some help from Freddie Slater

Alfie Moon hatches a plan to be a real life Santa! (Image credit: BBC)

Alfie Moon knows he's got a lot to do to try and keep Kat Slater close now that Phil Mitchell is back in the Square!

He decides to pull a festive stunt by dressing as Santa and abseiling down the roof of the Mitchell house! 

As always, Alfie's plan takes a bit of a wrong turn, while inside a furious Phil learns from Kat's son Bert that Alfie was going to stay for Christmas and New Year until Phil came home.

Kat finally lets Alfie into the house to spend time with the kids but he's about to be in big trouble. Phil finds out everything that's been going on while he's been away...

Will he discover the missing money from the safe that Alfie gave to the armed robber?

Howie Danes and Kim Fox celebrate Christmas together

Kim Fox and Howie Danes have an unexpected Christmas! (Image credit: BBC)

Kim Fox decides that she's going to take control of the Christmas cooking but things soon go wrong. When she completely annhilates their Christmas lunch, the Fox-Branning family despair!

Determined not to let the kids miss out, Denise Fox says she's taking son Raymond to his dad Phil Mitchell's and will beg them to take in the family.

Kim's miffed by the suggestion but Denise talks her round and the Fox-Brannings and the Danes end up sharing crackers with the Slaters and Mitchells!

EastEnders continues on BBC One on Boxing Day at 7:30 pm.