'EastEnders' spoilers: Stuart Highway goes off the rails!

Stuart Highway is upset in EastEnders
Stuart Highway tries to drink away his pain. (Image credit: BBC)

Stuart Highway goes too far with Sonia Fowler in Tuesday's episode of EastEnders (7:30 pm. see our TV Guide for full listings).

Stuart Highway is still in a bad way following his appointment with the doctor and it's clear he's hiding something from his family.

Instead of facing up to whatever it is that's going on, he decides to drown his fear in the bottom of a glass.

After heading to the Vic, Stuart downs one pint after another. Sonia Fowler finds him in a right state and decides that she needs to take him home.

After getting him together enough to leave the pub, Sonia offers Stuart her support, encouraging him to open up to her about what's wrong.

Breaking down, Stuart confesses to her what the doctor told him. But when she tries to help it sends him over the edge and he snaps...

Is Sonia in danger?

Kim Fox in EastEnders

Kim Fox is betrayed by Denise Fox! (Image credit: BBC)

Kim Fox is in total shock after discovering that Denise Fox and Jack Branning knew about what happened to her husband Vincent Hubbard but they didn't tell her.

Denise feels full of guilt for keeping the news from her sister and she begs her to understand. As she tries to justify her decision to take Phil Mitchell's money on the proviso she makes sure the matter goes away, Kim can't believe what she's hearing.

Denise reveals what she knows but she doesn't go into details. Can Kim ever forgive her?

Jay Mitchell in EastEnders

Jay Mitchell has got himself in a pickle! (Image credit: BBC)

Jay Mitchell is confused and angry when he looks through his phone bill and discovers it's off the scale! Sure that the phone company have made a mistake and over charged him, he gets on the phone to sort it out. 

He doesn't get very far, as he's soon interrupted by a customer who accuses him of selling stolen cars. Jay is stunned as the customer warns him that he's going to get the police involved.

Jay eventually works out that Honey Mitchell's daughter Janet Mitchell was making calls to her friend Lexi Pearce while she was in the US, which is why the phone bill is so extortionate. 

With the other problem of stolen cars on his mind, he confronts Janine Butcher, knowing that she must be involved. 

When Jay insists that he's going to tell the police what she's been up to, she smugly tells him that he'd better avoid getting the cops involved, as his name is on all the forged documents!

EastEnders continues on BBC1 on Thursday at 7:40 pm.

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