Class of '09: next episode, cast and plot of the new suspense thriller

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There's a new suspense thriller coming to Hulu in May. Class of '09 focuses on a class of FBI agents at different points of time. 

Brian Tyree Henry plays Tayo, an unorthodox FBI agent, and Kate Mara stars as Poet, an agent who specializes in going undercover. 

Here's everything we know about Class of '09

Class of '09 next episode

The next new episode of Class of '09 airs June 21. The title is "Graduation" and here's the episode description: "Tayo seizes control of the Bureau and makes the radical reforms he always dreamed of; the class reunites in a final showdown with the system they created; the trainees graduate, wondering where they will all end up."

Keep track of new episodes of Class of '09 with our episode guide here:

Class of '09 season 1 episode 1: "Part of Something"
"The class of '09 meets for the first time at Quantico; in the past, Agent Poet concludes her most challenging undercover operation only to be plunged into another; in the future, with the Bureau changed, Poet's career reaches a crisis point."

Class of '09 season 1 episode 2: "The Fitness Test"
"The class of '09 must pass a physical fitness test; the trainee most at risk is Tayo, who struggles both in the past and present; in the future, these events were behind the radical changes he's made to the Bureau."

Class of '09 season 1 episode 3: "Thank You for Not Driving"
"At Quantico, Poet faces a challenging driving course; in the present, Poet's undercover operation brings the FBI to a critical juncture, while Tayo hunts down a domestic terrorist cell; in the future, Poet investigates the scope of Tayo's power."

Class of '09 season 1 episode 4: "Not Your Girlfriend"
"At Quantico, the class of '09 faces the meaning of taking a life; in the present, the agents must thwart a terrorist attack and to save lives, they must take a life; in the future, they come face to face with their trauma."

Class of '09 season 1 episode 5: "The Problem is People"
"The class grapples with the complex history of the Bureau, and Tayo meets the love of his life; Tayo's dreams of making amends for the Bureau's history threaten his love story; the class finally confronts each other."

Class of '09 season 1 episode 6: "Hogan's Alley"
"At Quantico, the class must complete the impossible challenges of Hogan's Alley; Poet, pursuing a deadly serial killer, is helped by an old friend; tragedy strikes and the justice system is no longer under human control."

Class of '09 season 1 episode 7: "Order's Night"
"At Quantico, the final tests before graduation are accompanied by a reveal of where the trainees will be posted; Tayo's rise to power is propelled by artificial intelligence; Tayo falls from grace."

Class of '09 release date

Class of '09 premiered exclusively on Hulu on Wednesday, May 10, with the first two episodes becoming available immediately and then the rest of the eight-episode season airing weekly. 

The series is available on Disney Plus under the Star banner in the UK. 

Class of '09 cast

Class of '09 stars Brian Tyree Henry and Kate Mara. 

Henry played Phastos in 2021's Eternals and he's also known for his role as Alfred "Paper Boi" Miles in Atlanta

Mara starred in the Netflix series House of Cards as well as Fantastic Four, Transcendence and Brokeback Mountain

The rest of the cast is made up of Sepideh Moafi (Black Bird) as Hour, Brian J. Smith (Stargate Universe) as Lennix, Jon Jon Briones (Ratched) as Gabriel, Brooke Smith (The Silence of the Lambs) as Drew, Jake McDorman (The Right Stuff) as Murphy and Rosalind Eleazar (The Personal History of David Copperfield) as Vivienne. 

Class of '09 plot

Here's the official synopsis of Class of '09 from Hulu: "Class of ’09 is a suspense thriller limited series that follows a class of FBI agents set in three distinct points in time who grapple with immense changes as the U.S. criminal justice system is altered by artificial intelligence. Spanning multiple decades and told across interweaving timelines, the series examines the nature of justice, humanity and the choices we make that ultimately define our lives and legacy.

"The series stars Brian Tyree Henry as 'Tayo,' one of the most unorthodox agents to ever join the bureau, and Kate Mara as 'Poet,' one of the most successful undercover agents of all time"

Class of '09 trailer

There's no trailer for Class of '09 yet, but as soon as one is available we'll have it for you right here. 

How to watch Class of '09

Class of '09 is a Hulu original, which means that the only way to watch it in the US is to have a subscription to Hulu. If you need to subscribe to Hulu you can choose between a standalone Hulu monthly plan, or you can choose the Hulu Plus Live TV package or the Disney Plus Bundle, depending on your needs. 

UK viewers will be able to watch on Disney Plus under the Star banner. 

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