Farmer Wants a Wife season 1: how to watch, trailer and everything we know about the reality dating series

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Just in case you were thinking that we’ve run out of ideas for new reality dating competitions, Fox gives us a brand new one with Farmer Wants a Wife. It’s being billed as the “world’s biggest dating show” as it’s aired in 32 countries, and it’s also considered to be the show that would happen if Yellowstone and The Bachelor had a baby. 

Curious? Yeah, so are we. 

The concept is simple—four farmers are looking for wives. Their potential future wives come from a pool of women whose varying degrees of farm experience range from some to none at all. 

What’s more, is that the show is wildly successful across the globe. In a Fox press release, the show’s successes are highlighted by the numbers alone: “The Fremantle-owned format has aired in 32 countries and resulted in 180 marriages and 410 children.” That’s one heck of a track record!

Here's how it works: 32 women were matched online with the four gentlemen farmers, and upon arriving on the farm they were divided into groups of 8. From there, relationships started to build. Will the farmers find love? Based on the odds, it's a good bet that they will. 

Here’s everything we know about Farmer Wants a Wife

Next episode of Farmer Wants a Wife 

Farmer Wants a Wife airs Wednesdays at 9 pm ET/PT on Fox. New episodes will be available the following day on Hulu

The May 17 episode is titled "The Final Decisions" and here's the episode description: "After hosting groups of single women who left behind the comforts and conveniences of city life for the charms and challenges of life on the farm in the pursuit of genuine love, the farmers declare who have won their hearts. There will be difficult goodbyes, heartfelt confessions and not everyone is guaranteed a happy ending."

We don't know when the show will be available in the UK, but we'll pass along the update when the information becomes available. 

Farmer Wants a Wife episode guide

Keep track of all the episodes of Farmer Wants a Wife right here!

Farmer Wants a Wife season 1 episode 1: "Welcome to the Farms"

Farmer Wants a Wife season 1 episode 2: "Down and Dirty on the Farm"
Each of our farmers has given one of his ladies a head start and chosen them to return to their farm a full 24 hours before the others arrive! As the women settle into life on the farm together, time can be spent focusing on the one thing that both the farmer and the ladies have been searching for: that everlasting love! Watch as Ryan, Allen, Hunter and Landon welcome the ladies to their ranch in the all-new 'Down & Dirty on the Farm' episode of Farmer Wants a Wife."

Farmer Wants a Wife season 1 episode 3: "Why Won't He Kiss Miss"
"The search for love continues in our first group event. Each week, host Jennifer Nettles will arrange a mixer at a different destination and this week, the farmers and their ladies attend the Rodeo at the State Fair of Texas in Dallas. Following the mixer, the farmers will pick one lady to go on a solo date. Watch as Ryan, Allen, Hunter and Landon navigate budding emotions amongst the ladies in the all-new 'Why Won’t He Kiss Miss' episode of Farmer Wants a Wife."

Farmer Wants a Wife season 1 episode 4: "You Can't Have Your Cake & Eat It Too"
"This week, each farmer has another romantic solo date and of course, more farm work is in the forecast for these city girls—including castrating bulls! Watch as the farmers and their ladies dive deeper into their love stories while also learning how to manage evolving emotions, before some women are sent home."

Farmer Wants a Wife season 1 episode 5: "Tears, Tantrums and Tailgates"
"This week, the farmers and their dates head to South Carolina to attend a demolition derby and to catch up at the derby tailgate, where one of the women reveals she kissed her farmer before any of the others. At the end of the evening one woman is sent home and each farmer chooses a lucky lady for a solo date. Before that, the men and women work on making strong connections with each other on the farms, and Ryan’s mother Betty meets his ladies and reveals who she thinks is best suited for him."

Farmer Wants a Wife season 1 episode 6: "An Emotional Goodbye"
"As time together on the farms passes, the connections forming are undeniable. On the solo dates romance is blooming for the farmers, while the realities of ranch life set in for several of the ladies. As each date brings the opportunity for love to grow, the potential for heartbreak intensifies and one of the ladies departs unexpectedly."

Farmer Wants a Wife season 1 episode 7: "Barn Dance Romance"
"In week seven, host Jennifer Nettles brings the four farmers and their remaining ladies together for a barn dance in Tallahassee, FL., where at the end of it, each farmer chooses a woman to go on a solo date with. The stakes get higher as the clock continues to tick and the guys and gals decide who’s making serious connections with whom. One farmer is still dealing with the surprising departure last week of a woman on his farm, and another’s remaining ladies question the motives their farmer had in sending someone home."

Farmer Wants a Wife season 1 episode 8: "Is There Room for One More?"
"In week eight, the four farmers go on their final dates on the farms with the women they chose at the end of the barn dance in last week’s episode in Tallahassee, FL, and one lady decides to leave right after her date. Meanwhile, one of the women who left the show previously makes a surprising return, and at the end of the episode the farmers must choose their final two women to take to the women’s hometowns."

Farmer Wants a Wife season 1 episode 9: "Meet the Families"
"After more heart-wrenching decisions and difficult eliminations, each farmer will be left with two ladies. Following that, the tables will turn as the guys swap the comforts of their farms for visits to the cities of the final ladies, to spend time in their worlds and meet potential in-laws on their home turfs, in hopes of deepening connections even further and before making the ultimate decisions in their search for long-lasting love."

Farmer Wants a Wife season 1 episode 10: "I've Made a Mistake"
"As the farmers are at the final stages of their journeys to find that special woman who may one day be their wife, they continue the home visits with their remaining ladies. As things get closer to the end, everyone is feeling the pressure and a farmer feels he may have made a mistake sending one woman home."

Farmer Wants a Wife season 1 episode 11: "The Final Decisions"
"After hosting groups of single women who left behind the comforts and conveniences of city life for the charms and challenges of life on the farm in the pursuit of genuine love, the farmers declare who have won their hearts. There will be difficult goodbyes, heartfelt confessions and not everyone is guaranteed a happy ending."

Farmer Wants a Wife cast

Farmer Wants a Wife will be hosted by multi-talented performer Jennifer Nettles (The Righteous Gemstones).

The four farmers looking for wives are Hunter, Ryan, Landon and Allen. 

Below is a list of the women who will be competing for their affection:

  • Ariana, a sales associate from Weehawken, NJ
  • Brittany, a travel blogger from Sacramento, CA
  • Erica, a restaurant general manager from Manhattan, NY
  • Emma, a dance coach from Pacific Palisades, CA
  • Jessica, a waitress from Boston, MA
  • Jordan, a yoga teacher from Kennesaw, GA
  • Julia, a cyber security analyst from San Antonio, TX
  • Sarah R., a content creator from Kansas City, MO
  • Hayley B., a human resources manager from Chicago, IL
  • DeVonne, a director of marketing from Scottsdale, AZ
  • Hayley R., a recruiter from New York, NY
  • Meghan, an event coordinator from Midland, TX
  • Porschia, an accounting assistant from Las Colinas, TX
  • Sara V., a bartender from Dallas, TX
  • Stephanie, a sommelier from Temecula, CA
  • Sydney, a music booking agent from Nashville, TN
  • Talia, a therapist from Atlanta, GA
  • Ashley L., an executive coordinator from Dallas, TX
  • Ashley R., an AMSA at Veteran Hospital from Orlando, FL
  • Cassidy, a medical sales rep from Scottsdale, AZ
  • Khelsi, a school teacher from Cataula, GA
  • Kiersten, a blogger from Nashville, TN
  • Kylie, a veterans affairs advocate from Orlando, FL
  • Lily, a psychology student from Miami, FL
  • Nicole, a supervisor of radiation oncology from Allentown, PA
  • Rebecca, a horse trainer from Moorpark, CA
  • Sarah, a communications specialist for a global children's charity from Brooklyn, NY
  • Sloan, a spirituality coach from Miami, FL
  • Zoe, a photographer from Nashville, TN
  • Heather, a real estate investor from Dallas, TX
  • Shartaysia, a mental health therapist from Los Angeles, CA

Farmer Wants a Wife premise

Here's the official plot of Farmer Wants a Wife from Fox: 

"Four farmers from across the country embark on an adventure of a lifetime in the hopes of finding their future spouse. Women will leave behind the dating apps and pursuit of love in 'the big city' in favor of classic American courtship. The farmers will take their group of daters to their farm and show them what it is really like to live as ranchers do—from tending to the homestead to feeding cattle and baling hay. For the daters, the realities of this lifestyle may beg the question: how much of your life are you willing to change for love?"

Farmer Wants a Wife trailer

The trailer tells you everything you need to know about what to expect in Farmer Wants a Wife, and we have to admit, we're even more curious about this new show. Take a look at the trailer below:

How to watch Farmer Wants a Wife

Farmer Wants a Wife will air on Fox, which is included with most cable providers. If you’ve cut the cord, you can access the channel through live TV providers like FuboTV, Hulu Plus Live TV, Sling TV and YouTube TV. You can also watch episodes the next day on Hulu. 

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