Guilt season 2 — US release date, cast, plot, trailer and everything we know

Guilt season 2: Mark Bonnar as Max McCall wearing a turtleneck top and a dark jacket, with the Edinburgh skyline behind him
Can Max (Mark Bonnar) turn his life around and make a new start? (Image credit: BBC)

Guilt season 2 continues the story of brothers Max and Jake McCall.

The darkly comic drama was a massive hit with viewers and critics alike when it first aired. The four-part series followed Max (Mark Bonnar) and Jake (Jamie Sives) in the wake of a life-changing moment — after accidentally running down and killing an old man, on their way home from a wedding, they decided to cover up their crime.

Unfortunately for the brothers, there were witnesses to their immoral deeds who threatened to expose them. And, although Jake felt remorse for what they had done, Max stayed focused on maintaining the cover-up — even to the point of planning to implicate his brother to keep his own name clear. However, there was a twist at the end, as Jake double-crossed his brother and Max was arrested.

Here's everything you need to know about the second season of Guilt.

Guilt season 2 release date

Max (Mark Bonnar) walking down an Edinburgh street, a free man once again

Max (Mark Bonnar) is released of prison, but what awaits him back out in the world? (Image credit: BBC)

Guilt season 2 starts in the US on 28 August, on PBS at 9 pm ET. 

Season 2 of the thriller has already aired in the UK (October 2021). All four episodes are available to stream on BBC iPlayer.

Guilt season 2 plot

Guilt season 2 begins as Max is released from prison after a two-year stint behind bars and attempts to put his life back together. Unable to return to his old job, and with brother Jake now living in Chicago, Max realizes he's going to have to work for his old accomplice, private detective and recovering alcoholic Kenny Burns.

Kenny (Emun Elliott) leans on an open car door in front of a large housing block

Is reformed alcoholic Kenny (Emun Elliott) Max's ticket back to a better life? (Image credit: BBC)

"In the first series he had it all, in this series he has absolutely nothing," says Mark (who plays Max McCall). "In a sense, we see him at his most vulnerable and naked — he's back to surviving on his wits in a different way. At the outset, I think he's solely using Kenny to get ahead — he's got to start at the very, very bottom and Kenny's the very, very bottom, so Max puts up with him. But I think as time goes by, Max starts to respect Kenny and even kind of admire him in a way. It's a lovely journey that they go on."

Meanwhile, across town, new arrival Erin faces a life-changing moment of her own when an intruder breaks into her home. A split-second decision leaves her having to face a side of her history she was hoping to leave behind — and eventually brings her into Max's orbit.

Guilt season 2 cast

Mark Bonnar returns as Max McCall, with Jamie Sives also back as his brother, Jake. Emun Elliott reprises his role as Kenny from season one.

New arrivals for this series include Sara Vickers (Endeavour, Watchmen) as Erin, Phyllis Logan (Downton Abbey, The Good Karma Hospital) as her mother Maggie, and Stuart Bowman (Bodyguard, Deadwater Fell) taking over the role of Roy Lynch, originally played by Bill Paterson in the first season. 

Other new cast members include Greg McHugh (The A Word, Fresh Meat), Ian Pirie (Chernobyl, The Capture), Rochelle Neil (The Nevers, Episodes) and Sandy McDade (Lark Rise To Candleford, EastEnders).

Is there a Guilt season 2 trailer?

You can enjoy a preview of the new season with the tantalising trailer below:

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