Lovestruck High — release date, premise, cast, trailer and everything we know about the new dating show

The cast of Lovestruck High pose in front of a wall of lockers at the launch for the show
The cast of Lovestruck High. (Image credit: Prime Video)

In Lovestruck High, Prime Video's new dating show, a diverse group of singles are going back to school in the hope of finding 'the one'. But this isn't your standard British comprehensive — this is Lovestruck High, modeled on the US high schools that we've seen in our favorite teen movies.

With teen movie queen Lindsay Lohan on narration duties, the show follows the class of 2022 as they hope to find a date for the Prom — but there are a few surprises in store along the way.

Here's everything you need to know about this new dating show...

Coach Hughes (Russell Hicks) stands with his back to the camera in his 'Coach' tracksuit. Standing opposite him are many cast members from the show in the school's gym kit, preparing for a game of dodgeball

Coach Hughes (Russell Hicks) teaches the students the art of dodgeball. (Image credit: Prime Video)

Lovestruck High release date

Lovestruck High launches on Prime Video on Wednesday, May 18.

Lovestruck High premise

A group of UK-based singles with a diverse range of personalities and sexual orientations sign up to spend a term at Lovestruck High, where they're looking to flirt and hopefully find romance. Their main goal is to find a date for the Prom and be crowned Prom Royalty, with a $100,000 prize on offer for the winning couple.

Principal Nelson (Ria Lina) stands at a lectern in the school gym with her back to the camera. Facing her, spread out across several rows of raked seating, are the 15 of the Lovestruck High students, most of whom are smiling and joking with each other

Principal Nelson (Ria Lina) welcomes the Class Of 2022 to Lovestruck High. (Image credit: Prime Video)

Under the watchful eyes of Principal Nelson (played by Ria Lina), Coach Hughes (Russell Hicks) and Miss Kelly (Chloe Zeitounian), the students will attend classes, hang out in the cafeteria and even audition for the school talent show, but their main focus will be looking for love — and there will be plenty of school socials and house parties to help them along the way. But they can't get too comfortable, as a few shocks are in store that could upset all of their plans...

Lovestruck High cast

Prime Video has released the names of the Class Of 2022, and here are the students who will be looking for romance at Lovestruck High:

  • Adam, 30, a car salesman from Norwich
  • Alex, 27, an accountant from Coventry
  • Basit, 27, a model and musician from London (originally from Dublin)
  • Chante, 24, a GP secretary from London
  • Charlie, 29, a property manager from Surrey
  • Dan, 23, a factory worker from Bridgend

Chante, Dan and Jess stand in the stone hallways of Lovestruck High. Chante is clicking her fingers and smiling, and Jess is laughing. On the wall in the background are lots of multicoloured flyers advertising a house party happening tonight

Chante, Dan and Jess take a break from classes. (Image credit: Prime Video)
  • Geoff, 24, an events trader from Sandy
  • Huss, 28, a postman from London
  • Jess, 24, a fashion creative from London
  • Jodie, 28, a salon owner from Bolton
  • Junaid, 26, a social media influencer from Essex
  • KT, 21, a content creator from Milton Keynes

Geoff, Huss and KT are stepping out of a classic yellow American schoolbus and heading into the school with smiles on their faces

Geoff, Huss and KT are taking lessons in love. (Image credit: Prime Video)
  • Max, 23, a personal trailer from Brentwood
  • Megan, 24, a professional dancer from Cambridge
  • Sin, 24, a security officer from Northolt
  • Theo, 21, a model agent from Bristol
  • Yasmine, 25, a model from London

Is there a trailer for Lovestruck High?

There is! You can get the lowdown on Lovestruck High below:

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