Ralph & Katie — air date, cast, trailer, plot, interviews, first looks and all about The A Word spin-off series

First Look! Ralph & Katie from The A Word now have their own BBC1 spin-off series. Leon Harrop and Sarah Gordy star.
First Look! Ralph & Katie from The A Word now have their own BBC1 spin-off series. Leon Harrop and Sarah Gordy star. (Image credit: BBC)

BBC1’s new spin-off series Ralph & Katie arrives in October 2022 and will continue the story of the well-loved characters from hit drama The A Word, played by Leon Harrop and Sarah Gordy, who both have Down’s Syndrome.

"This project is close to my heart, I love it. It’s wonderful being the leading lady," says Sarah Gordy. "Doing Ralph & Katie was a big surprise and I thought, ‘Yes! I am working with Peter Bowker [who also wrote The A Word] again! It was so exciting."

The six 30-minute episodes will follow the first year of marriage for the inspirational young couple, as they get to grips with a new set of challenges faced by all newlyweds following their groundbreaking wedding featured in The A Word.

Here’s everything we know so far about BBC1's uplifting new spin-off Ralph & Katie...

How will married life at home turn out for Ralph and Katie?

How will married life at home turn out for Ralph and Katie? (Image credit: BBC)

Ralph & Katie release date

Ralph & Katie starts on Wednesday, October 5 on BBC1 at 9pm, going out in double bills. The series will also be available as a box-set on BBC iPlayer. We’ll update this guide as soon as we know if Ralph and Katie will get a US and international air date.

Follow the fabulous couple Ralph and Katie in October 2022.

Follow the fabulous couple Ralph and Katie in October 2022. (Image credit: BBC)

Is there a Ralph & Katie trailer?

Yes! The trailer shows Ralph and Katie settling into married life together, but how will they cope with all the challenges that come with being a Mr and Mrs?

Ralph & Katie plot

Following on from their wedding in series three of The A Word in 2020, Ralph and his new wife Katie embark on the biggest adventure of their lives. But they have to get to grips with various challenges during their first year of married life, and each episode will feature a different story focusing on the domestic challenges that are faced by all newlyweds, but with the added fact that Ralph and Katie have Down’s Syndrome.

Ralph (Leon Harrop) and Katie have set up home together and are trying to tackle domesticity, romance and regular visits from Ralph’s fierce but doting mum Louise (Pooky Quesnel) and Katie’s anxious parents Clare (Sherry Baines) and Steve (Nigel Betts). While family friend Tom (Matt Greenwood) is on hand to offer advice, we'll also meet new faces including dedicated Danny (Dylan Brady), the couple’s support worker, and Katie’s pal Emma (Jamie Marie Leary), who works with her at a bakery. Meanwhile, Craig Cash plays Ralph and Katie’s nosy but well-meaning neighbour Brian. 

'Ralph And Katie' shows what happens a year on from their wedding.

Ralph And Katie shows what happens in the year after their wedding in 'The A Word'. (Image credit: BBC)

Ralph & Katie cast — Sarah Gordy on playing Katie

Sarah Gordy told us: "For Ralph and Katie, it’s their journey through the bad times, and the good times," says Sarah Gordy, who plays Katie. "But both Katie's family and Ralph’s family are still interfering. It's a nightmare!"

Sarah’s hugely proud the pioneering series is putting two actors with Down’s Syndrome centre stage, while several of the crew are also neurodivergent or have disabilities. ‘It’s fantastic. This project is so close to my heart, it’s wonderful being the leading lady!"

As well as playing Katie in The A Word, Sarah Gordy has had plenty of TV roles, including Call the Midwife, Doctors and Holby City. She was Lady Pamela Holland in Upstairs Downstairs and was most recently seen in ITV drama The Long Call.

"It’s great to be able to take the character of Katie forward after her exciting journey in series three of The A Word," says Sarah. "The wedding and the dress was a dream come true for Katie. I am so looking forward to seeing what comes next in Ralph and Katie’s married life."

Leon Harrop and Sarah Gording star as 'Ralph And Katie'.

Leon Harrop and Sarah Gording star as Ralph & Katie. (Image credit: BBC)

Ralph & Katie cast — Leon Harrop on playing Ralph

Leon told us: "The story begins when they are husband and wife but different things come through, like a health scare, things with Katie’s parents [Clare and Steve, played again by Sherry Baines and Nigel Betts], and Christmas. Ralph and Katie are a married couple now, it’s a proper relationship and the right thing for them. When they got married, Ralph said to Katie he would help her and she said the same thing."

Away from playing Ralph in The A Word, Leon Harrop has appeared in No Offence, Moving On, Casualty and Brassic

Ralph and Katie are hopelessly devoted to each other.

Ralph and Katie are hopelessly devoted to each other. (Image credit: BBC)

Ralph & Katie cast — who else is starring

In Ralph and Katie Pooky Quesnel reprises the role of Louise, Ralph's mum, now Katie's mother-in-law. Other familiar faces are Nigel Betts (Ridley Road, Boy Meets Girl) and Sherry Baines (Jungle Cry) who play Katie's parents Steve and Clare.  There is also a welcome return for Matt Greenwood (Bohemian Rhapsody, Waterloo Road) who previously delighted audiences as Tom.  

New faces include Craig Cash (The Royle Family, The Fast Show, Gogglebox) as their neighbour Brian, Dylan Brady (Get Even, Coronation Street) as Dan, Jamie Marie Leary (Traces) as Emma, Sam Retford (Screw, Ackley Bridge) as Gary and Daniel Cerqueira (Pennyworth, The Spanish Princess) as Dr Graves.

Leon Harrop says of Craig Cash joining the show. "Craig’s brilliant and when we found out that he was playing the character, I was happy, he’s a funny guy. Brian’s like a spy and a stalker, though! He thinks he is helping but he’s not. There’s a scene where Ralph has a problem and he doesn’t want to talk to anyone, and he goes out and kicks the fence and tells Brian to go away!

"And we have Danny [ex-Corrie star Dylan Brady] who is a very good personal assistant for Ralph and Katie, he comes in and helps them. And there’s Matt Greenwood who plays Tom [the family friend who also appeared in The A Word] and Ralph and Katie help him to find a boyfriend!"

Pooky Quesnel is back as Ralph's mum Louise.

Pooky Quesnel is back as Ralph's mum Louise. (Image credit: BBC)

Dylan Brady as Dan with Ralph.

Dylan Brady as Dan with Ralph. (Image credit: BBC)

More about Ralph & Katie and filming news

Ralph and Katie filmed in some stunning lakeside locations in the Lake District and Manchester's Space Studios in the first half of 2022. It's co-produced for the BBC by ITV Studios and Keshet Productions in association with Tiger Aspect.

"Ralph & Katie is a natural step forwards from the ongoing ambition of The A Word to increase representation and diversity both on and off screen," says writer Peter Bowker, who also penned The A Word. "Equally exciting is the opportunity to work again with two young actors as talented as Leon and Sarah. It is a tribute to their performances in The A Word that the BBC have commissioned this series.

“The writing team have delivered a series of scripts that are full of joy, humour and authenticity. It will be exciting to see the wonderful cast bring them to life under the Direction of the force of nature that is Jordan Hogg.”

"After three series of The A Word, we’re so excited to see Sarah and Leon lead their own show and by the team of talented writers that Pete and his team are assembling to bring this new chapter in Ralph and Katie’s relationship to life," says Piers Wenger, Controller of BBC Drama.

"We’re so pleased that Ralph and Katie’s story will be continuing and that Leon and Sarah, two marvellous actors, are getting this well-deserved opportunity to play the central characters in a BBC drama," says Carol Boys, Chief Executive of the Down’s Syndrome Association.

Leon Harrop begins filming 'Ralph & Katie'.

Leon Harrop begins filming Ralph & Katie. (Image credit: BBC)

A brief catch-up on The A Word

The A Word, which returned for a third series on BBC1 in 2020, follows the Hughes family, whose lives were changed after their son Joe (Max Vento) is diagnosed with autism. The most recent season saw Joe come to terms with his parents Alison (Morven Christie) and Paul (Lee Ingleby) splitting up. 

In the series, Ralph is the son of Louise Wilson (Pooky Quesnel), who is dating Maurice Scott (Christopher Eccleston). The A Word also stars Greg McHugh and Vinette Robinson, Molly Wright and Julie Hesmondhalgh.

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