Severance season 2: release date, cast, plot and everything we know about the Adam Scott thriller series

Adam Scott in Severance season 2
Adam Scott in Severance (Image credit: Apple)

When Severance premiered on Apple TV Plus in early 2022, it instantly became one of the most talked about shows out there. The workplace thriller that saw Adam Scott and others split their personalities between their work life and their home life was ripe for think pieces and examination. But at its heart we loved it because it was an intriguing, well made and well acted thriller we could sink our teeth into.

Especially considering the couple of cliffhangers that Severance season 1 ended with, it has been quite the long wait for Severance season 2. But that wait is about to end, as a new season of the hit Apple TV Plus original is near, and we're keeping track of all the key details that you need to know.

Read below to find out about things like when you can watch the new season of Severance, who is in the cast and more.

Severance season 2 release date

While there was some hope that Severance season 2 would come out in 2024, at least we won't have to wait long into 2025 for the acclaimed series to return. Apple TV Plus has set Friday, January 17, 2025, as the release date for Severance season 2, immediately making it one of the most anticipated 2025 TV shows.

One episode will be released each week, with 10 episodes in total to make up the second season, which is one more than Severance season 1.

You must have Apple TV Plus to watch it, as Severance streams exclusively on the platform. The good news is that the streaming service is available globally.

Severance season 2 cast

All of the main members of the Severance cast are returning for season 2, including Adam Scott as Mark Scout, Patricia Arquette as Harmony Cobel, John Turturro as Irving, Britt Lower as Helly Riggs, Zach Cherry as Dylan George, Dichen Lachman as Ms. Casey, Jen Tullock as Devon, Tramell Tillman as Milchick, Michael Chernus as Ricken and Christopher Walken as Burt Goodman.

There are also going to be a number of new additions to the cast for the second season. They include:

  • Bob Balaban (The French Dispatch, The Chair)
  • Robby Benson (Beauty and the Beast, One on One)
  • Sarah Bock (Bruiser)
  • Stefano Carannate (Mirabilia)
  • Gwendoline Christie (Game of Thrones, The Sandman)
  • John Noble (Fringe, Totally Completely Fine)
  • Ólafur Darri Ólafsson (The Tourist, Trapped)
  • Alia Shawkat (The Old Man, Arrested Development)
  • Merritt Weaver (Godless, Tiny Beautiful Things)

Severance season 2 plot

Before we talk about Severance season 2 (and discuss some major SPOILERS from season 1), here is the Severance premise:

“In Severance, Mark Scout (Adam Scott) leads a team at Lumon Industries, whose employees have undergone a severance procedure, which surgically divides their memories between their work and personal lives. This daring experiment in 'work-life balance' is called into question as Mark finds himself at the center of an unraveling mystery that will force him to confront the true nature of his work… and of himself."

In the final episode of season 1, Mark, Helly and Irving were all able to have their "innie" personalities come through outside of Lumon and make some big revelations. For Helly, she learns she is actually Helena Riggs, the daughter of the Lumon CEO. Irving finds out that Burt already has a partner on the outside. Meanwhile it is revealed that Mark's wife Gemma, thought to be dead, is alive as Ms. Casey at Lumon.

Here is what Apple TV has offered up as a synopsis for the new episodes of Severance:

"In season two, Mark and his friends learn the dire consequences of trifling with the severance barrier, leading them further down a path of woe."

Severance season 2 trailer

A date announcement video gives us our best look yet at Severance season 2. Check it out below:

Severance — Season 2 Date Announcement | Apple TV+ - YouTube Severance — Season 2 Date Announcement | Apple TV+ - YouTube
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You can also see some new footage from a previously released "coming soon" teaser from Apple TV Plus:

Coming to Apple TV+ - YouTube Coming to Apple TV+ - YouTube
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