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Charity dons disguise for her latest scam

Charity Dingle

Charity comes up with a 'plan B' when Cain tries to back out of a con job in Emmerdale

*Second episode*

Charity’s none too happy when she dons a disguise and holes up in a hotel, ready to pull off a dodgy job with Cain, when her ex texts her and tells her he’s pulling out of the plan! Determined to get Cain into her hotel room, Charity quickly comes up with another idea which should lure him into the bedroom…

In the Woolie, it all kicks off as Angie drops the bombshell on Bailey and the Dingles that Belle isn’t pregnant and has faked the whole thing! By the time Bailey twigs that the scan picture he saw was actually an old one of Charity’s, Belle has vanished…

Carly agrees to go on a date with Pete.