Emmerdale spoilers! Cain Dingle has his eye on Kim Tate

Cain is suspicious in Emmerdale

When Kim offers to check on Lydia, who's in bits about all the rumours, Cain Dingle doesn't trust her for a second...

Cain Dingle is suspicious in Tuesday's episode of Emmerdale on ITV from 7pm (see our TV Guide for full listings).

Kim Tate isn't known for kindness or caring so it's no surprise that Cain Dingle is suss when she reaches out to help his devastated sister-in-law Lydia.

With all rumour mill still in overdrive about Lydia's (Karen Blick) recent arrest over a pension scam she's in a right state.

But when Kim (Claire King) offers to check in on her Cain (Jeff Hordley) is scathing. And with that, he's got his beady eye on the terrible Tate. Has Kim got an ulterior motive?

Kim is woozy in Emmerdale

Kim offers to drop in on Lydia who's distraught over the pension scam rumours

Kim is woozy in Emmerdale

Sam reels at Kim's uncharacteristic kindness which has been directed at his wife Lydia

In the hospital, injured Aaron (Danny Miller) receives a visitor. It's Mack (Lawrence Robb). He wants Aaron to keep quiet about stealing Brenda's (Lesley Dunlop) brooch. Will Aaron agree?

Meanwhile, back in the village Pollard (Chris Chittell) is thrown when he finds Brenda's stolen brooch.

As he tries to work out how it's got there he and David come to believe 'intruder' Aaron was returning it… on Faith's (Sally Dexter) behalf!

Faith's distraught when the accusations rear up as is Pollard when the police arrive to arrest him for assault! Will the real cuplrit, Mack, get exposed?

Pollard is stunned when the police arrive in Emmerdale

Pollard is stunned when the police arrive and charge him with assault!

Jimmy's (Nick Miles) got a bit between his teeth and is all about getting things sorted.

First up he wants to talk to Juliette (Amelia Curtis). Nicola (Nicola Wheeler) is stunned when she hears Jimmy ask her to see if Juliette can get clammed-up Carl talking.

Nicola is shocked in Emmerdale

Jimmy reaches out to Juliette to see if she can get Carl talking

Next up, Jimmy has words with Ethan (Emile John), his lawyer, who says the weather report from the day of the crash could prove vital to his case.

But Jimmy's got other ideas and tells the solicitor to start looking into other angles.

Nicola is shocked in Emmerdale

Jimmy's putting his foot down with Nicola

Later, Jimmy informs Nicola he's going to plead guilty to the death by dangerous driving charge, making it clear his mind is made up.

Emmerdale airs weeknights at 7pm on ITV, with an extra episode at 8pm on Thursdays - see our TV Guide for full listings.

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