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Will Ziggy give Jarrod another chance?

Is Ziggy in a love triangle with Jarrod and Brody?

Ziggy is livid when she finds out that Brody has told her parents that Jarrod is back in town. Later, Jared turns up at the garage claiming that his motorbike is faulty. Justin takes the motorbike out for a spin, leaving Ziggy and Jarrod alone. Jarrod tells Ziggy he made a mistake by letting her go; just as sparks begin to fly among the former couple, Justin interrupts them. Justin says there's nothing wrong with the bike and suspects Jarrod knew that. Jarrod leaves and Justin warns Ziggy not to break Brody's heart.

Meanwhile, the police get under way with the investigation of Novak's death and it leaves Robbo on edge. Detective Inspector Shepherd has a meeting with Kat and says she's too close to the case to not have a conflict of interest. When Kat tells Robbo the news he starts to become fearful that his secret will be exposed. Is Robbo's time up?

At The Diner, Brody recognises Terry, a restaurant reviewer. The last time the pair met, it was a disaster, so Brody stays out of his way. However, Terry gives Brody's meal rave reviews. Later, Terry sees Brody and has some words of encouragement for him…