Dubai Bling’s Kris Fade and Brianna’s wedding — what you didn’t know

Dubai Bling's Kris Fade and Brianna at their wedding
Kris Fade and Brianna (Image credit: Netflix)

When it comes to ensemble reality shows, there is always one event that seems to be the height of the season. In the inaugural season, the big occasion that brought Dubai Bling cast members together was Kris and Brianna’s wedding. Their wedding certainly lived up to the show’s name in that out was very "blinged" out, but it also managed to quiet some of the series drama — temporarily that is. 

Here’s everything we know about Kris and Brianna’s wedding. 

How did Kris Fade and Brianna meet? 

As Brianna is proud to boast, the two met after Kris "slid" in her DMs on social media in 2014. They then met in person for the first time at a Lady Gaga concert and went on their first date to a gym. 

Funny enough, when reciting his wedding vows to Brianna, Kris referenced their meeting stating, "I believe in fate, and I believe that Instagram was only created so we could meet." 

What was interesting about Kris Fade’s proposal to Brianna?

It’s not every day that an A-list actor helps someone with their marriage proposal. As the story goes, in the summer of 2019, Kris was working at a press event for the premiere of the live-action Aladdin film. Stepping away from his duties as an interviewer, he got Emancipation’s Will Smith to distract Brianna by taking a selfie, and by the time she took the pic and turned around, she spotted Kris on a bended knee asking for her hand in marriage. 

If you want to see more about the proposal, check out the video below. 

Where was Kris Fade and Brianna’s wedding? 

Kris and Brianna got married at The Ritz-Carlton in Dubai on Tuesday, March 22, 2022, according to the wedding planning site Zola. The ceremony was outside on the property lawn with the beach and the Ain Dubai Ferris wheel serving as the backdrop. By the way, did you know that the Ferris wheel is actually "the world’s largest and tallest observation wheel?" It may be worth putting on your bucket list.  

Were there any famous guests at Kris Fade and Brianna’s wedding? 

As seen on the show, the Dubai Bling cast were in attendance at the nuptials. However, besides these popular reality stars, Kris’ Virgin Radio family Priti Malik and Brent Black were a part of the wedding party. Sitting as guests were Dubai influencer Nina Ali and a reality star from the Bravo world, Caroline Stanbury. She was featured in The Real Housewives of Dubai season 1.  

Other interesting facts about the wedding

There are a few wedding-day tidbits that Dubai Bling viewers may find interesting. For starters, the ceremony didn’t exactly start on time. It was scheduled to begin at 4 pm, but it didn’t actually kick off until approximately 5:15 pm. 

Also, when the event started, Kris’ Instagram followers were on hand to watch. He live-streamed the wedding on the platform, which is quite unique. Although in this day and age when people are more social than ever, perhaps it’s not all that shocking. 

If you want to catch some behind-the-scenes footage of the ceremony, take a look at the following recap video. 

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