Love Is Blind season 3 reunion: which couples are still together?

The cast reuniting for the Love Is Blind season 3 reunion
Love Is Blind season 3 reunion (Image credit: Netflix)

After a rocky journey for most of the cast, the Love Is Blind season 3 reunion is finally here, and it's just as dramatic as the regular season. Not only did the couples give status updates about where they each stand in their relationships, but a few bombshell stories were shared; including, which married pair is not living together and which of the unwed pairs is still dating. 

Without further delay, here's everything we know about the Love Is Blind season 3 reunion. 

Fair warning, some spoilers ahead. 

Which married couples are still together from Love Is Blind season 3? 

Speaking strictly of the spouses on the show, viewers will be happy to know that both Colleen and Matt and Alexa and Brennon are still married. 

However, in a shocking twist, Colleen and Matt are not yet living together as husband and wife. They both agreed that from a logistical and financial standpoint, they haven't been ready to take that step. With that being said, the couple regularly sees each and spend nights together, saying they plan to move in with one another in a couple of months. 

Are Zanab and Colleen at odds?  

Early on in the reunion show, the infamous scene between Colleen and Cole is recapped among this season’s cast. Almost immediately, a remorseful Colleen expresses to Zanab and her husband Matt how sorry she is for allowing that conversation to have gone where it did. Furthermore, Colleen shares that she loves and respects Zanab, and Zanab returns the sentiment. The two ladies are on good terms.  

Are SK and Raven still together? 

Raven and SK on Love Is Blind season 3

Raven and SK on Love Is Blind season 3 (Image credit: Netflix)

One of the surprises of the season was SK saying "I do not" to Raven on their wedding day. Although his concerns for not wanting to get married at the time were valid, fans were still caught off guard as the couple seemed to be one that would make it. 

Well, for those that were rooting for the couple, we have some good news. At the reunion, the pair reveals they are still dating. Judging by the way Raven hops out of her seat to give SK a hug and kiss, we’d say the two are very happy in their relationship. 

How is the relationship between Nancy and Raven?

Nancy and Raven weren't exactly besties during the Love Is Blind journey. Not only were they both competing for the same man at one point, but they both seemed to take issue with different aspects of their respective personalities. Well at the reunion, the two offered some clarity on their dynamic. 

For starters, Raven raises the fair point that they didn't spend a lot of time together while in the pods because there were a lot of other women present. Additionally, Raven states that because they didn't know each other that well, their initial remarks about one another were based on first impressions. 

However, to date, the two ladies admit that they've hashed things out with Raven even stating, "Nancy really is my girl and I would never want her to feel bad about something I said. Like, I love her. I support her." 

How did the cast feel about Bartise constantly talking about Raven’s looks? 

Bartise in the pods on Love Is Blind season 3

Bartise, Love Is Blind season 3 (Image credit: Netflix)

Bartise really seemed to aggravate fans this season with his constant compliments about Raven's looks, despite being engaged to Nancy. One scene in particular where he is talking to Nancy and calls Raven a "smoke show" seemed to leave viewers fuming. 

Well at the reunion, that very clip was aired and a few of the cast members offered up their opinion. First, Raven describes being shocked to see the awkward conversation because she thought after she and Bartise talked at the pool, they put to bed past feelings and were happy in their relationships. Furthermore, she was sad to see the clip because it put SK in a "weird place," and she loves SK and Nancy and didn’t want either one of them to feel disrespected. 

Nancy has clearly never been a fan of Bartise's statements in this regard, but she did seem to appreciate that the brutally honest things he said in confessionals were exactly what he told her to her face. 

Bartise says he felt embarrassed and apologizes for disrespecting Nancy, SK and Raven. However, he didn't apologize for the feelings, rather for the crass way in which he was vocal about them. 

What did Andrew have to say about the incident with the eyedrops? 

A trending topic of the season was Andrew putting drops in his eyes to seemingly make himself tear up when talking about Nancy rejecting his proposal. Social media users immediately called him out as they didn't believe his emotions were real. 

Unfortunately, fans can't find out what Andrew had to say for himself at the reunion, as he opted not to show up. 

Are Nancy and Bartise still together? 

After their wedding ended in disaster, Nancy was adamant that she and Bartise were over. Well, it appears they really were done after that moment. In fact, it's revealed at the reunion that Bartise allegedly started dating a "tall blonde" shortly after their wedding (a few days after according to Alexa and Nancy). 

Are Zanab and Cole still together? 

Zanab and Cole in bed talking in Love is Blind season 3

Zanab and Cole on Love is Blind season 3 (Image credit: Netflix)

Zanab and Cole also haven't reconciled. In a surprising moment for fans, the other ladies even reveal that Cole allegedly did terrible things to Zanab that weren't aired. For example, Raven brings up the point that Cole got another girl's phone number at his bachelor party. Although Zanab claims Cole told her the night before their wedding that he did try to get a girl's number, even attempting to kiss her, he denies it ever happened. 

Zanab also lists a number of occasions in which Cole supposedly "fat-shammed" her. Given the amount of tension on the reunion stage between the two, it's safe to say the two are never getting back together again. 

The Love Is Blind season 3 reunion is now available on Netflix.  

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