Love Island 2023 cast — meet the islanders who are in the villa

Love Island 2023 contestants line up for the start of the new series
Love Island 2023's starting lineup. (Image credit: ITV)

Want to learn more about the Love Island 2023 cast?

As is tradition, ITV confirmed the starting lineup of islanders heading into the villa for Love Island 2023 about a week before the latest series of the hit dating show got underway. 

It's officially the final day of Love Island 2023, and just four couples remain in the villa. Which of our remaining couples will be joining the Love Island winners list and leaving with that big cash prize? We'll find out tonight!

Below, you can find out a little bit more info about each of the islanders who make up the Love Island 2023 cast, plus keep track of everyone who has left the villa behind throughout the series. Be sure to check out our guide explaining how to watch Love Island 2023 online so you don't miss the final on Monday, July 31.

Meet the Love Island 2023 cast: Who's in the villa?

Ella Thomas

Ella Thomas headshot from Love Island 2023

Ella Thomas is heading into the villa.  (Image credit: ITV)

Age: 23

From: Glasgow

Job: Model

Instagram: @ellathomas_

Model Ella Thomas is looking forward to having fun in the sun this summer. She describes herself as "a girl's girl" with a really big heart who will bring "good energy and entertainment" to the villa.

Jess Harding

Jess Harding poses for Love Island 2023

Jess Harding poses for Love Island 2023. (Image credit: ITV)

Age: 22

From: London

Job: Aesthetics Practitioner

Instagram: @jesshardingox

Having been single for two years, Jess has decided that her love life isn't quite going how she hoped, so she's heading into the villa in search of Mr Right. She describes herself as "quite a funny person" and says she has "quit a big personality and I've got a heart of gold". 

Tyrique Hyde

Tyrique Hyde poses for Love Island 2023

Tyrique Hyde is heading into the villa for Love Island 2023. (Image credit: ITV)

Age: 24

From: Essex

Job: Semi-Professional Footballer

Instagram: @tyriquehyde

Tyrique has labeled the Love Island experience "perfect", as he's never had a girlfriend and hasn't been on holiday for ages! He says he's going to bring "vibes, confidence, good energy and honesty" with him into the villa, and says he's not afraid to go after what he wants in life. He also just so happens to be best friends with Toby Aromolaran, who made it all the way to the final back in 2021 with Chloe Burrows... will Tyrique manage to outdo his best friend and win the show? 

Zachariah Noble

Zachariah Noble for Love Island 2023

Zachariah Noble was Love Island 2023's first bombshell. (Image credit: ITV)

Age: 25

From: South East London

Job: Personal Trainer & Basketball Player

Instagram: @zachariah_noble97

Zachariah was Love Island 2023's very first bombshell. Asked why he signed up for the show, he said: "I always say, 'you only grow as a person when you take yourself out of your comfort zone' and I think it's something that's so far out of my comfort zone, I'd be silly not to give it a go." He says he's a 'very chilled out guy', and someone who is 'completely myself 100% of the time'. He definitely stirred up trouble when he coupled up with Catherine.

Whitney Adebayo

Whitney Adebayo for Love Island 2023

Whitney Adebayo is joining the villa on day three. (Image credit: ITV)

Age: 25

From: London

Job: Entrepreneur

Instagram: @whitbrownsx

Whitney was revealed as the second addition to the villa ahead of her debut on Wednesday, June 7. Her elevator pitch for why someone should want to date her was: "Why would you not want to date me? I've got triple B's - bum, boobs and brains", and her reason for applying for the show was simple: asked why she signed up, she said: "Why not? I want to have fun and have a lit summer."

Sammy Root

Sammy Root heashot for Love Island 2023

(Image credit: ITV)

Age: 22

From: Kent

Job: Project Manager

Instagram: @sammyroot_

Sammy was the third bombshell to join Love Island 2023. He got his start inviting Jess, Molly and Ella to The Hideaway for a few dates. He describes himself as "a bit of a firework" and says he's going to be the one to bring the energy to the villa. And as for why he signed up for the series, he said: "I've always got girls on my mind, so what better way to find a nice girl than in the Love Island Villa!"

Molly Marsh

Molly Marsh for Love Island 2023

(Image credit: ITV)

Age: 21

From: Doncaster

Job: Musical Theatre Performer & Social Media Content Creator


Molly Marsh was part of the original starting lineup for Love Island series 10, but ended up getting dumped partway through the series when Kady McDermott arrived. She's since made a comeback as part of the Casa Amor lineup, and Zachariah decided to recouple with her as he didn't want to waste his second chance with her.

Lochan Nowacki

Lochan Nowacki for Love Island 2023

(Image credit: ITV)

Age: 25

From: Windsor

Job: Account Manager

Instagram: @lochan_nowacki

Lochan Nowacki is a 25-year-old account manager from Windsor who was brought into the series when single islander Whitney decided to couple up with him in Casa Amor. When he was first revealed as an islander, he said: "I feel like I’m excited because a lot of the people in relationships aren’t fully secure. I know the type of person I am as well, so I feel like I can turn heads. I’m not going to be disrespectful and I’m proud of my morals as a person. I’m confident that I can go in and not necessarily stir it up, but open the ladies’ eyes to what could be a better couple."

Love Island 2023 current couples

Below, you'll find our current pairings as of the latest recoupling. They are:

  • Molly & Zachariah
  • Whitney & Lochan
  • Jess & Sammy
  • Ella & Tyrique

Who's left Love Island 2023?

Friday, June 9 featured the first recoupling of the series. Whitney Adebayo was left to choose between George Fensom and Mehdi Edno, and since she chose to couple up with the French model, George became the first islander to be dumped from the villa.

Ruchee Gurung became the second islander to get dumped on Wednesday, June 14 after the other islanders opted to save Ella from being dumped. 

Andre Furtado and bombshell Charlotte Sumner both got dumped on June 16. The public had been voting for their favorite islanders, and then the other villa residents were asked to choose to send one boy and one girl home from the bottom six islanders. 

Molly Marsh was the next to go. She left the villa on Friday, June 23 when Kady chose to couple up with Zachariah. Mehdi Edno and Mal Nicol both left the villa behind just a few days later in a brutal double dumping that saw them head home on Tuesday, June 27.

Half of the Casa Amor contestants made it into the villa, but six more were left behind during the stick-or-twist recoupling on July 5. The six who didn't make it into the villa were: Kodie Murphy, Zachary Ashford, Ben Noel, Gabby Jeffery, Tink Reading, and Danielle Mazhindu. 

The villa was soon rocked by a brutally fast dumping for Catherine Agbaje and Elom Ahlijah-Wilson on July 12 who received the fewest votes for the most compatible couple by the public. Days later, Leah Taylor and Montel McKenzie found themselves packing their bags after being found to be the second-least compatible couples. 

After the islanders shipped out to the pool party, four more islanders left the villa on July 18. Josh and Amber received the fewest votes from the public for favourite couple, so they were sent home, and then Whitney and Lochan decided to save Mitch and Ella B so Kady and Ouzy headed home, too.

Another couple left the villa on Wednesday, July 26. Following a public vote, there were three couples at risk of being dumped, but the other contestants decided to send Abi and Scott home because they'd just found themselves in a friendship couple after all the drama from the Grafties.

The last couple dumped before the final was Mitch and Ella B. Maya Jama revealed they'd been selected as the least compatible couple by the other islanders on July 30, and since the public had voted to save Whitney and Lochan, Mitch and Ella B narrowly missed out on a place in the Love Island final.

The Love Island 2023 final airs tonight at 9 pm on ITV2 and ITVX.

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