Meet the Gabriel's Redemption Part 1 cast: who's who in the Passionflix movie

Melanie Zanetti, Tosca Musk and Giulio Berruti at the premiere of Gabriel's Redemption Part 1
Melanie Zanetti, Tosca Musk and Giulio Berruti (Image credit: John Phillips/Getty Images for Passionflix)

Over the course of four years, the team at Passionflix has worked to bring the books of author Sylvain Reynard to life. Each book in the Gabriel Series — Gabriel's Inferno, Gabriel's Rapture — have been turned into three feature length films. Now the third book, Gabriel's Redemption, has come to life in Gabriel's Redemption Part 1

Many of the Gabriel's Redemption Part 1 cast are familiar faces at this point, but let's take a moment to get to know a little more about them as they head into the final chapter of the story. 

Melanie Zanetti as Julianne Emerson

Melanie Zanetti at the premiere of Gabriel's Redemption Part 1

Melanie Zanetti  (Image credit: John Phillips/Getty Images for Passionflix)

Julia started the Gabriel series as a timid grad student with a secret: she'd met her professor 10 years prior at the orchard behind his family's home. Though she is his sister's best friend, he had no idea who she was. Fast forward to Gabriel's Redemption and Julia is happily married to Gabriel Emerson. Their marriage is less than a year old and they're still happy newlyweds... until her husband, and former professor, offers this thoughts on the paper she's preparing for a presentation.

Melanie Zanetti has starred in all of the movies thus far, but lately she's probably best known for lending her voice to Bluey's mother in the global animated phenomenon, Bluey. Zanetti also starred in 2022's Raven's Hollow and is known for her work in Love and Monsters

Giulio Berruti as Professor Gabriel O. Emerson

Giulio Berruti at the Gabriel's Redemption Part 1 premiere

Giulio Berruti (Image credit: John Phillips/Getty Images for Passionflix)

Gabriel Emerson has been on quite the journey. He has no idea that he has a connection to Julia Mitchell, but once fate brings them together a second time there's no turning back. Now that he's married to the woman who makes his life whole, he's happy. But given their age difference, he's thinking about becoming a father even though his wife wants to focus on grad school. Could this drive a wedge between them?

Italian actor Giulio Berruti has appeared in a number of projects outside of the Gabriel series, including roles in Across the River and Into the Trees, Girls to Buy, The Hitman's Wife's Bodyguard and Walking on Sunshine

James Andrew Fraser as Paul Norris

James Andrew Fraser at the Gabriel's Redemption Part 1

James Andrew Fraser (Image credit: John Phillips/Getty Images for Passionflix)

Passionistas tend to be divided about Paul Norris. The grad student quickly developed feelings for Julia after they met, but she only had eyes for Gabriel. Though they shared a moment when Julia and Gabriel were separated during the events in Gabriel's Rapture, now that Julia and Gabriel are married he knows his desire has to be put on the shelf. The challenge comes in that Julia, Gabriel and Paul all work in the same circles as Dante scholars, so how will he manage to maintain a friendship with Julia while working with her husband?

James Andrew Fraser has made a number of appearances in popular TV shows like The Blacklist, Bull and Blue Bloods. He just finished work on a new movie, Tuesday's Flu, with The Walking Dead's Ross Marquand.

Julia Barrett-Mitchell as Rachel Clark

Julia Barrett-Mitchell at the premiere of Gabriel's Redemption Part 1

Julia Barrett-Mitchell (Image credit: John Phillips/Getty Images for Passionflix)

Julia's best friend (and Gabriel's sister) Rachel is also newly married and she's turning her attention to starting a family. She's surprised to learn that her brother is also thinking about starting a family, since he's never wanted to do that before. In her eyes it's a good thing, but she's also very sympathetic to Julia's feelings on the matter. 

Julia Barrett-Mitchell is known for her work in Disfluency and Behind Some Dark Cloud. She's appeared in shows like Awkwafina is Nora from Queens and Law & Order: Special Victims Unit

Margaux Brooke as Christa Peterson

Margaux Brooke at the Morbius premiere

Margaux Brooke (Image credit: Phillip Faraone/WireImage)

Christa Peterson has had her sight set on Professor Gabriel Emerson for a long time. Even though he's rejected her advances several times. Despite the fact that he's married, she's not giving up easily. She thinks Julia is an easy target, but she's got another thing coming. 

When she's not playing golf or poker, Margaux Brooke is busy with a number of projects. She's appeared in Legion, Solve and the TV miniseries Too Old to Die Young, to name a few of her previous performances.

Christian Vit as Giuseppe Pacciani

Christian Vit at the Gabriel's Redemption Part 1 premiere

Christian Vit (Image credit: John Phillips/Getty Images for Passionflix)

Professor Giuseppe Pacciani is no fan of Gabriel Emerson, but he couldn't help but notice Gabriel's fiance when they met in Gabriel's Rapture. Now he's attending the seminar at Oxford and he has Christa Peterson with him. Sure, he's married, but he's been known to enjoy the company of other women before. Christa might be using him, but he plans on using her, too. 

Christian Vit might play a despicable character in Gabriel's Redemption, but he's one of the nicest actors you'll meet. If he looks familiar, it's probably because you've seen him in Game of Thrones, FBI International, Holby City and FBI

You can watch Gabriel's Redemption Part 1 right now on Passionflix.

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