Meet the Love Is Blind season 3 cast: who’s who on the reality show

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Just in time for what has now become known as "cuffing season," Love Is Blind season 3 has finally arrived. After a drama-filled season 2 that unfortunately didn’t produce any long-lasting matches (both couples that did actually get married have since called it quits), viewers hope that the new men and women on the hunt for love manage to find their perfect match in season 3. 

Featured in the brand-new cast are quite a few realtors, a number of engineers and several people in the medical field. So just who are the 15 men and 15 women looking for "the one" in Love Is Blind season 3? 

Let’s meet the Love Is Blind season 3 cast that's currently featured on Netflix.


Julian is a managing director of operations who loves reading books, trying new restaurants and playing "sand volleyball" (beach volleyball). He’s looking for a woman with a "magnetic personality" that is well-read.  


DaVonté is a fitness development coach who unsurprisingly is really into fitness. His relationship inspiration is none other than super couple Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith. When looking for love, he wants someone that is independent, bold, strong, smart and also a lover of fitness. 


Andrew from Love is Blind season 3 cast

Andrew, Love is Blind season 3 (Image credit: Netflix)

This director of operations happens to love snuggling. Andrew looks at his friends Rey and Crystal as couples goals, who allegedly fell in love at first sight. 

(We'd post his IG, but it's literally just pics of wildlife.)

Sikiru, aka 'SK'

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SK is a data engineer who loves munching on a good snack. While he also loves the finer things in life, he’s not a fan of those who are too materialistic. He doesn’t have a model relationship he aspires to have as he plans to make his future relationship uniquely his own. 


This senior analyst loves to laugh and work out. Bartise confesses to being rather picky when it comes to dating, but he hopes to find a woman that will help him achieve his relationship couple goals of Steph and Ayesha Curry. 


Matt is a private charter sales executive who loves golf and working out. After getting out of a 10-year-long relationship, he’s ready to put himself back out there to find the one. He’s inspired in romance by the relationship between his mother and stepdad. 


Anthony is an attorney by day and a huge fan of chocolate cookies all of the time. For him, Love is Blind is an opportunity to try something new when it comes to dating, which he’s quite excited about. His usual type is "easy to get along with" and the "life of the party."


Cole is a realtor who promises to "bring entertainment" to a relationship. Oddly enough, his number one pet peeve is bad driving. He’s looking for an encouraging and loyal woman "who lives in faith with God."


Here’s another realtor of the cast. Nash notes the key to his heart is actually an apple pie. Other than the classic dessert, he enjoys beach volleyball and bar trivia. He just hopes to find someone that will be his equal partner. 


Simmer is a director of marketing technology who is interested in finding someone to build an empire with. Given he claims not to have a type, perhaps he’ll keep an open mind throughout the Love Is Blind process. 


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The cybersecurity student comes to Love Is Blind hoping for "good conversations." In fact, Dale thinks the hallmark of a good relationship is the ability to have conversations at 3 am.  


Zach is a med school/interior quality control manager that loves food. He comes to the series having been single for four years and, not so ironically, he claims to have "high standards" when it comes to dating. 


Brennon is a water treatment engineer who is not afraid to speak his mind and be honest. When it comes to his search for a partner, he’s looking for an "alpha woman."


An aerospace engineer, Dakota claims some of his best attributes as a partner are his drive, selflessness and his "welcoming personality." Dakota’s on the hunt for a relationship that reminds him of the one his parents have with their 40 years of marital experience.  


Tony from Love is Blind season 3

Tony, Love is Blind season 3 (Image credit: Netflix)

Tony is a medical device sales rep who notes his longest relationship lasted 10 years. His pet peeve when dating is someone that is "rude and pretentious."

(Tony does not have a public Instagram account that we know of at this time.)


Kim is a teacher and coach who just hopes to find someone that is willing to go with the flow and yet be great at communicating. She’s excited to one day find a partner to have a few drinks with and watch a game or two. 


She’s a medical device representative who enjoys hiking, yoga, traveling and pancakes. Loren’s a big fan of men being able to be vulnerable with her. 


Jess is a senior event producer who is looking for someone who is "down to earth" and can make her laugh. Her ideal relationship consists of compromise and friendship. 


For better or worse, Alexa claims to be stubborn, but she’s working on it. The insurance agency owner vies to have a relationship like that of Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds. 


Raven is a pilates instructor who admits to having a bad habit of being "late to everything." She’s looking for someone who is intelligent and responsible, and is  inspired by the relationship between Barack and Michelle Obama in her quest for love. 


Another realtor in the mix, Zanab is looking for a partner that is loyal, ambitious and loving, and it wouldn’t hurt if this person smelled good as well. Hopefully she’s able to find her match considering she states that she’s "picky AF."


Amanda, Love is Blind season 3

Amanda, Love is Blind season 3 (Image credit: Netflix)

Amanda is a stylist who unfortunately claims to always "pick the wrong guys." She hopes to get into a relationship that will bring her "joy" through kindness and travel. 

(Amanda does not have a known public Instagram account.)


She’s a dermatologist that enjoys hiking, surfing, baking and writing songs in her free time. Her biggest pet peeve when dating is lack of accountability. 


Charita is a makeup artist that loves cooking, specifically from scratch. After years of being in "situationships" she hopes to find a partner who is smart, funny and communicative. 


A ballet dancer and digital PR strategist who is certain her mate is in the Love Is Blind house, Colleen’s longest relationship lasted five years. She hopes the pod experiment will remove the daily distractions that get in the way of her finding her ideal partner. 


Chelsey, Love is Blind season 3

Chelsey, Love is Blind season 3 (Image credit: Netflix)

Chelsey is a customer success manager who enjoys working on her plants and being outdoors. She hopes to find someone that will make her "light up" and will be just as silly as she is. 

(Chelsey does not have a known public Instagram account.)


This real estate investor is looking for someone who is spontaneous and ready to embark on adventures and go on trips with her. Nancy has a very specific pet peeve, she can’t stand when guys are rude to customer service employees. 


Critical care nurse Brannigan is determined not to settle. On one hand, she enjoys decorating cakes, on the other, she’s a fan of ax-throwing. 


Kalekia is also in the medical field as an ICU nurse practitioner. She claims she might be single because she "invests in guys who are undeserving" and she tends to look past red flags. Also, her future partner should be able to deal with her allergies, because she is an avid sneezer. 


Ashley is a chiropractor that firmly believes good things come to those who wait. With that mantra in mind, she’s patiently searching for "the one" and refuses to settle with anyone. 

Love Is Blind season 3 is now streaming on Netflix. Also, Love Is Blind: After the Altar season 2 is available to watch on the platform. 

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