What happened to Suki in EastEnders? Is Balvinder Sopal leaving the soap?

Suki Panesar is fearful after a call in EastEnders
What happened to Suki in EastEnders? Everything you need to know about whether Balvinder Sopal is leaving the soap (Image credit: BBC)

EastEnders matriarch Suki Panesar (Balvinder Sopal) has been trapped in an abusive marriage with her murderer husband Nish Panesar (Navin Chowdhry) ever since he was released from prison after serving 20 years.

After falling in love with Eve Unwin (Heather Peace), the forbidden lovers have been desperate to run away together and get rid of Nish once and for all.

Just as it looked like they were about to make their escape, it was harshly snatched away in a tragic turn of events as Suki's life was left hanging in the balance — with the possibility that her criminal husband may be responsible.

But what happened to Suki in EastEnders? And after the horrifying twist in Suki's fate, will Balvinder Sopal be leaving the soap?

What happened to Suki in EastEnders?

On June 7, 2023, the time had finally come for Suki to run away with her secret lover Eve and leave her abusive husband Nish.

After Eve discovered Nish's meeting with another criminal to organise a dodgy deal, she and Suki plotted to get rid of Nish once and for all.

Suki phoned the police and gave them a tip-off about what was happening in the hopes that Nish would be arrested and recalled back to prison. 

While Suki was ready to make her escape with Eve, she tried to say goodbye to her son Vinny Panesar (Shiv Jalota) without telling him what was really going on.

But their scheme of getting Nish sent down again didn't go as planned as he furiously accused Vinny of reporting him to the police as he was the only one who knew about the job.

When an infuriated Nish attacked Vinny, a terrified Suki confessed that she was the one who told the police and bravely admitted that she didn't love him and didn't want to be with him anymore.

After an ominous threat from Nish, he later apologised to both Suki and Vinny for his behaviour. 

But when Vinny returned home after drinking at the Vic, he saw Suki's lifeless body lying at the bottom of the stairs with an emotionless Nish towering over her. Is Nish responsible for the violent attack?

Suki Panesar's lifeless body at the bottom of the stairs.

Suki's lifeless body was seen lying at the bottom of the stairs. (Image credit: BBC)

Is Suki dead in EastEnders?

Suki is not dead in EastEnders as she thankfully survives the horrific ordeal. In next week's spoilers, Suki is recovering in hospital as fears circulate that Nish tried to kill her. 

Although Nish vehemently insists that it was an accident, he's arrested for ABH after evidence suggests he pushed Suki. But will he be found guilty?

And it's not long before Vinny discovers that Suki had a suitcase packed to leave before the accident. Will he rumble that Eve is his mum's secret lover?

Suki Panesar faces Nish Panesar in hospital

Suki pulls through and the fallout of the terrifying ordeal unfolds. (Image credit: BBC)

Will Suki manage to get away from Nish?

Currently, we don't know if Suki manages to get away from evil Nish. We can only hope that Suki will get her happily ever after with Eve if Nish is found guilty of pushing Suki down the stairs and sent to prison for good.

Eve Unwin plots with Suki Panesar

Will Suki be able to run away with her secret lover Eve Unwin and escape Nish for good? (Image credit: BBC)

Is Balvinder Sopal leaving EastEnders?

EastEnders have not revealed whether Balvinder Sopal is leaving the soap. However, we know that she will remain in the soap until at least Christmas as she was featured in the Christmas flashforward episode where six Walford women were seen standing over a mystery dead body at the Vic.

The women all stare at the body in shock in EastEnders flash forward episode

Suki is seen in the Christmas flashforward episode. (Image credit: BBC)

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