When was Love Is Blind season 3 filmed?

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When was Love Is Blind season 3 filmed? (Image credit: PATRICK WYMORE/NETFLIX)

Love Is Blind season 3 was a hit amongst fans and although their were wedding bells — it also came with explosive wedding drama.

From Andrew's fake crying scandal to Bartise and Cole upsetting fans, Love Is Blind season 3 had viewers hooked as new contestants from Dallas went on the search to find The One behind a pod wall and get engaged without ever seeing their partners.

But did any of them work out? The Love Is Blind season 3 reunion revealed all on which couples stayed together after the altar.

This time, season 3 was filmed in Dallas, Texas, while season 1 was filmed in Atlanta in 2018, but didn't premier until two years later in February 2020. Meanwhile, Love Is Blind season 2 was based in Chicago, where they filmed from April to June 2021.

In the meantime, if you wanting to know when was Love Is Blind season 3 filmed, you can read below.

Raven and SK on Love Is Blind season 3

Raven and SK on Love Is Blind season 3. (Image credit: Netflix)

When was Love Is Blind season 3 filmed?

Love Is Blind season 3 was filmed immediately after season 2 wrapped in the summer of 2021, according to Variety, so the singletons had no idea on what to expect from the previous season or watch the drama unfold between the contestants — which had fans threatening to cancel their Netflix subscription if Shane and Natalie got together.

Although the cast may have only seen Love Is Blind season one, the series co-host Vanessa Lachey said that the season 3 cast acted very differently compared to the last two seasons.

Talking to Bustle, Vanessa said: “In Season 1, no one knew what was going on. So they were afraid to ask physical questions, but asking like, ‘Where are you from?' 'What is your background?’ I felt like Season 2 got more specific into the physical. And for some reason, in Season 3, there was a couple that when they finally met, she was like, 'You have a beard!’

 “[The Love Is Blind Season 3 cast] really, truly wanted to do the experiment on an emotional, and psychological level."

Love Is Blind season 3 is available to watch on Netflix now.

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