How to watch Derby County vs. Watford in the EFL Championship

Watford: MF Ken Sema, Manager Vladimir Ivic
Will midfielder Ken Sema rack up another assist during the Watford vs. Derby County match in the EFL Championship? (Image credit: Photo by Naomi Baker/Getty Images)

If you’ve found yourself seeking the answer to how to watch Derby County vs. Watford in the EFL Championship, you’ve arrived in the right place. Two clubs in pursuit of an EFL Sky Bet Championship face-off to begin a full slate of games in the near future. At the highest level of competition within the EFL, both Derby County and Watford find themselves in need of a stabilizing victory to kick things off.

We’ll get to more of the specifics a bit later, but first, let’s turn our attention to the setting of Friday’s action. The match is set to begin at 2:40 p.m. EST from iPro Stadium, also known as Pride Park Stadium. That’s in Derby, England, which is projected to be partly cloudy and relatively chilly. While it may be an early competition for those of us in North America, it’s a late-game for those participating in the event.

How to watch Derby County vs. Watford in the EFL Championship

For those looking to watch the Derby County vs. Watford match in the EFL Championship division, the easiest route to go is through ESPN+ (opens in new tab). This is a service that’s been massive in supporting the growth and accessibility of soccer in the United States. Not only does it support soccer matches domestically, providing a ton of MLS access, but it supports international leagues and events such as the EFL Championship amongst others.

Subscribing to the ESPN+ streaming service is relatively quick and easy, costing $5.99 per month for access to a variety of live streaming sports events. In addition to being a great source of live sports programming, it’s also home to a ton of video programming related to the sports and leagues that you love.

Another great way to gain access to the service is through the ESPN+ Bundle (opens in new tab), which takes three of the hottest streaming services in the industry and packages them together at a low monthly rate. For only $12.99 per month, subscribers gain access to ESPN+, Disney+ and Hulu (opens in new tab) — Three of the premier streaming services for the price of just two subscriptions.

This way, you can streamline your billing and gain access to a whole world of streaming content including sports with ESPN+, the best of world-renowned IPs in Disney+ and a ton of heartfelt, creative original programming and licensed content via Hulu.

What to watch for in the Derby County vs. Watford EFL Championship match:

This match comes with the backdrop of serious changes coming to the EFL landscape. From the top of the EFL, executives are seeking new ways to make sure each club within the league gets fair compensation and truly understands the financial impacts of the pandemic on their specific teams. Though specifics largely haven’t been divulged, there’s strong backing to suggest that the EFL is going to make radical changes to the way it operates in an attempt to support its clubs now without damaging the EFL’s economy for the future.

Shifting focus on this specific matchup, it’ll be the first meeting between Derby County and Watford since 2015, when the two sides came to a 2-score draw at the culmination of the competition. Watford enters the competition an entire 13 spots higher than Derby County, a club with only one win over its last eight. Luckily, that one victory came against No. 17 Norwich County in a 1-0 final score that was solidified by Wayne Rooney.

Watford hasn’t been on a tear lately itself with only two goals in its last four contests. They’ll look to 27-year-old midfielder Ken Sema, their top assist-man through the last few games, as someone to direct the offense and set up his teammates for good looks at the goal.

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