90 Day Fiancé fans don't see the love between Yve and Mohamed

Mohamed and Yve having a disagreement on 90 Day Fiancé
Mohamed and Yve having a disagreement on 90 Day Fiancé (Image credit: TLC)

In a 90 Day Fiancé episode where Emily and Kobe discover she’s pregnant with her second child, Jibri and Miona agree on eloping and Shaeeda once again has it out with Bilal over a prenup, Yve and Mohamed’s drama still managed to capture viewers' attention. Unfortunately, we don’t mean good attention, as fans of the series are starting to doubt if the couple is meant to be together or if they are even in love. 

While the two have been bumping heads over the past few episodes over their pending nuptials, the latest incident that has riled up fans started as Yve and Mohamed pulled up to a potential location for a wedding. As they get out of the van, she is crying over how beautiful the venue is, meanwhile Mohamed admittedly couldn't care less. 

In his 90 Day confessional he refers to their wedding as "Yve’s wedding" and makes it clear that, for him, the "fancy wedding" is a distraction and is causing him to further put his life on hold. He’d rather just hurry up and get married so Yve can focus on filing the paperwork for him to have his immigration status changed.

Until he receives his Green Card, he’s unable to start his career in the US or travel back to Egypt to see his mother, whom he misses a great deal. A guy missing his family is completely understandable, but then he says more.  

After Yve says she wants a friend to officiate their ceremony because the friend won’t come from a specific religious background, he informs her he wants to get married at a mosque (you’d think they would have had this conversation at the beginning of their 90 days together). He wants to get married in his religion and he makes it known they can wed much sooner in a mosque. 

Fast-forwarding a bit, in a truly awkward moment, while Mohamed is in the kitchen and Yve is literally a few feet away in her bedroom, he sends her a text proposing that they find another sponsor for him in the US since she’s too busy to do the paperwork to change his legal status because of the wedding. He claims, "I need to be able to work and have a normal life in this country." 

An upset Yve walks into the kitchen to confront her fiancé, where he alleges Yve promised they’d get married once he arrived in the US. She retorts she never made a promise for a wedding to occur so soon and she doesn’t want a courthouse ceremony. He claims not to care about a ceremony. Then he uses the classic gaslighting line, "When you care about me, I will care about you Yve." 

Despite her getting more upset with his statement, he seems unmoved by her tears and even accuses her of being selfish. Mohamed piles on by saying she likes talking about herself a lot. Having heard enough, she walks away from the situation. 

Later in the episode when Mohamed tries to talk to Yve again, things go even further left. He again emphasizes he doesn’t care about a wedding and is focused on his Green Card, informing her that if he can’t work in the US he’s going back to Egypt. Yve counters that he should just go, so he tells her to book him a ticket back home (something about a guy wanting to make a dramatic exit loses its effectiveness when he has to ask you to buy him a ticket to leave). 

Fans react to Yve and Mohamed’s fight

Since viewers have been questioning the commitment between Yve and Mohamed for a while now, it should come as no surprise that fans are not in favor of the two tying the knot and are honestly confused by their relationship. 

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