90 Day Fiancé fans pounce on Patrick for latest comments

Patrick Mendes speaking in 90 Day Fiancé confessional
Patrick Mendes speaking in 90 Day Fiancé confessional (Image credit: TLC)

The latest episode of 90 Day Fiancé season 9 wasn’t necessarily that eventful in terms of drama. Emily dialed down her critique of Kobe, Yve and Mohamed continued to bump heads in terms of their cultural differences without making much progress and Jibri managed to work things out with his bestie David after their fight in the studio. From a comedic standpoint, viewers did find themselves oddly taken with the way Shaeeda cleans chicken. (It’s not every day that you hear someone say you should clean chicken "like your washing your lady parts.") 

Perhaps the most eventful thing in the episode came when Patrick’s brother John decided to throw an impromptu party at their new Dallas home. The night started with John walking up to Patrick and Thaís and informing them that he invited some people over for a housewarming, "a few coworkers, nothing crazy." Thaís is not thrilled by the idea at all and Patrick does his best to play a neutral party and go with the flow. 

The first guests to arrive are Patrick’s coworkers. Thaís seems to get along with them just fine. Not only were the work comrades friendly, but they were also men, aka, not a threat to her. But then the doorbell rings. John goes to open the door to several women, which Patrick immediately knows his fiancé is not going to like. She even questions in her confessional, "I’m thinking I could cuss them out and kick everybody out, right?" 

Cutting back to the party, Thaís goes up to Patrick and pulls him away for a private moment. While alone, she warns him to "be careful" as she is keeping her eyes on him. That’s when he attempts to reassure her that she has nothing to worry about with the other women in the house by saying, "The girls here are very ugly and you are a beautiful Brazilian." 

We’re glad Thaís ultimately found comfort in that statement, because Twitter did not. 90 Day fans immediately took to the social media platform to voice their frustration with Patrick’s decision to put down the other ladies just to make his future wife feel better.  

90 Day Fiancé fans express their annoyance with Patrick and his comments 

Judging by some of the tweets, fans were doing more than just shaking their heads after Patrick’s recent word blunder.  

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