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Amazon Prime Video Channels are on sale ahead of Prime Day 2021

Amazon Prime Video Channels Prime Day sale
(Image credit: Amazon)

Amazon Prime Day 2021 is now just days away, but the deals already are flowing. The latest addition comes in the form of Amazon Prime Video Channels, which is a fancy way of saying "subscribe to things like Paramount+ or STARZ with your Amazon account."

Here's how it works: Instead of signing up for a bunch of streaming services on their own — each with a different login and password — you're able to to all the subscription stuff through Amazon. It manages the coming and going. It handles the payment. It's seamless and super easy.

And once a year or so Amazon throws a bunch of discounts your way. The biggest one this year ahead of Prime Day is, which can be had for the remainder of the season for about 50 percent off. The other channels that are part of the sale are discounted to 99 cents a month for up to two months. After that, you'll be back paying like normal.

The savings are the important part, though. So let's just get two it. Here are the channels that are on sale on Amazon Prime Video Channels:

That's just the tip of the iceberg, though. Stay tuned for even more deals as we get even closer to Prime Day — which is actually two days — on June 21-22.

And as a reminder, in order to utilize Amazon Prime Video Channels, you'll also need an Amazon Prime subscription. Then you'll be able to use Amazon Prime Video to manage those subscriptions.

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