Days of Our Lives spoilers: week of May 27-31

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If you want to know what's coming up in Salem this week or if you need to look back at last week's episodes, we've got you covered with the Days of Our Lives spoilers for the week of May 27-31.

Here are your Days of our Lives spoilers for the week of May 27, courtesy of Soap Opera News:

Monday, May 27
"Nicole is shocked when the truth about Jude is revealed. Harris and Ava devise a plan to track down Clyde’s location. Rafe provides copies of Clyde’s black book to John and Steve. Maggie meets Xander and Sarah, who announce their engagement."

Tuesday, May 28
"Bonnie has no issue with Theresa getting a piece of the Kiriakis fortune. Maggie talks to Alex about family and the upcoming weddings. Stefan hopes Melinda will reopen Gabi’s case. Rafe and Eric are shocked to discover that Sloan has vanished. EJ and Nicole focus on Jude."

Wednesday, May 29
"Marlena and John offer support to Eric. Marlena contacts Jada to discuss staging an intervention for Everett. Steve tracks down Goldman and Clyde’s possible location. Harris, Ava, and Lucas arrive in Montana to find Clyde. Stephanie receives Chad’s unwavering support in her concerns about Everett’s disorder."

Thursday, May 30
"Stefan, in need of a new manager at the Bistro, asks Theresa if she wants the job. EJ catches up Kristen about his new son. Alex tells Marlena he’s with Theresa… and also sleeping with Kristen. In Montana, Ava, Harris, and Lucas discuss the plan to capture Clyde."

Friday, May 31
"Nicole and Sloan have a major showdown! Eric confronts Leo about his deception. The walls close in on Melinda. Jada and Stephanie have a shocking interaction with Everett."

And in case you missed last week's episodes or need a refresher, here's what happened on Days of our Lives during the week of May 20, courtesy of Soap Opera News:

Monday, May 20
"EJ spies on a drunk Nicole kissing Eric. Johnny and Chanel meet with a specialist due to her pregnancy being high risk. Paulina asks Melinda to come back as DA. Leo finds Holly and Tate sharing a private moment."

Tuesday, May 21
"Chad seeks Steve’s help in tracking down Clyde. EJ gives Sloan an ultimatum. Eric visits Roman while Kate expresses her displeasure with Ava. Stephanie, Everett and Leo share a few drinks together after finishing up at the Spectator."

Wednesday, May 22
"Maggie puts her Konstantin plan into motion. Alex asks Theresa to move into the mansion with him. Julie gets word that the Horton home is ready for everyone to move back home. Chanel tells Johnny she wants to keep the baby. Tate informs Aaron that he and Holly are a secret couple."

Thursday, May 23
"Eric demands that Sloan explain her recent behavior. Stephanie tells Chad that Everett was arrested for assaulting Eric last night. A confused Everett flirts with Jada in front of Rafe. Marlena realizes what is going on with Everett."

Friday, May 24
"Nicole and EJ spend a difficult day together, grappling with their respective challenges. Sloan makes a confession to Eric. Chanel expresses her worries to Johnny about the possible radiation exposure to their baby. Marlena informs Jada, Rafe, and Stephanie about Everett/Bobby’s likely diagnosis."

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