General Hospital fans think they spot proof Byran Craig’s Morgan is returning

Bryan Craig as Morgan Corinthos in General Hospital
Bryan Craig, General Hospital (Image credit: ABC/Disney)

If you’re a General Hospital fan and caught wind of the soap’s recent win for Outstanding Daytime Drama at the 51st Daytime Emmy Awards, then you may also know the other big storyline for the soap that night were the words shared by the show’s executive producer Frank Valentini. He teased that a popular character was returning and he thought that the audience would "go crazy for him."

Right away, we started asking ourselves who Valentini could be referring to when he dropped this big hint. We thought maybe he meant Charles Shaughnessy’s Victor Cassadine was returning to help put a pin in all the Pikeman chaos. Victor rising from the dead to declare that he’s actually the true head of the criminal organization would be good soap opera drama, and it would make Valentin’s (James Patrick Stuart) involvement in Pikeman make so much more sense. 

Now if not Shaughnessy, then we theorized Adam Huss would be making his way back onto the General Hospital canvas. Considering Ava (Maura West) is about to start drowning in a situation she’s created all for herself due to her Sonny (Maurice Benard) obsession, we figured she could use a true ally like her ex-husband to help her out. 

Maurice Benard and Laura Wright as Sonny and Carly distraught in General Hospital

Maurice Benard and Laura Wright, General Hospital (Image credit: Disney)

Even though both of these guesses would make sense, like many General Hospital fans, we're hoping that Valentini was referring to the return of Bryan Craig’s Morgan Corinthos. Although he was presumed to be dead years ago after the car bombing, his body was never recovered, so his stepping foot back into Port Charles isn’t a stretch. Plus, if Morgan were to pop up alive and well, he could be the catalyst for what pushes Sonny to get some help for his bipolar disorder. Morgan could also be what finally reunites Sonny and Carly (Laura Wright). 

In addition to the potential impact Morgan could have if he was brought back on the show, it seems writers have been dropping hints about him lately. It was just on the General Hospital episode airing on June 18 that Sam (Kelly Monaco) even threw Morgan into Carly’s face during a heated argument.  

With all that being said, loyal viewers of the show think Craig just hinted at his return to the daytime soap in an Instagram Story post from June 18. As seen below, it’s a black-and-white image of him on the set of a project. Upon zooming in a little further in the top left corner of the image, there is a camera or lighting fixture with the letters "ABC." 

Bryan Craig's Instagram story

(Image credit: Instagram/Bryan Craig)

Although the three letters could mean anything, some jumped to the conclusion that ABC refers to the broadcasting station, which of course is home for General Hospital. Is this pure coincidence here, or was Craig dropping hints and purposefully teasing his return? 

Unfortunately, we can’t answer that yet as no one has confirmed Craig is returning or if he’s even the big surprise teased by Valentini. What we can say, is that if Craig isn’t returning, we can only hope that he does somewhere down the line. 

New episodes of General Hospital air on weekdays on ABC. If you miss an episode, you can catch up on Hulu.        

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