Hulu With Live TV falls slightly to 4 million paid subscribers

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Hulu With Live TV lost subscribers in its first quarter since parent company The Walt Disney Co. began announcing totals, losing around 100,000 subs in the first quarter of its fiscal year 2021. That gives Hulu With Live TV 4 million subscribers and keeps it at the top of the list of the biggest live TV streaming services in the United States. (Its next-closest competitor, YouTube TV, last announced it had more than 3 million subscribers as of September 2020.)

That's in addition to the overall Hulu service, which sports a total of 39.4 million subscribers, up about 2.9 million from three months prior. That means that about 10 percent of the subscription base also has the live TV option.

Hulu With Live TV has grown slowly but surely over the past year, reporting 3.2 million subscribers at this point in 2020. It added about 100,000 subs a quarter until 2020 — when the pandemic hit — as it added about 700,000 subscribers from Q3 to Q4. Also certainly helping boost Hulu's numbers is that it's under the Disney umbrella and gets included in the Disney Plus marketing wave.

Hulu With Live TV includes access to the ad-supported version of the Hulu on-demand library. (Pricing is right in line with YouTube TV.)

And you can now get Hulu With Live TV as part of the incredible Disney bundle that includes Hulu, ESPN Plus and Disney Plus starting at $69.99 a month. And that, frankly, is an incredible deal. You can get Hulu with Live TV, Hulu on-demand, ESPN Plus and Disney Plus for just $7 a month more than you'd pay for Hulu With Live TV on its own.

Elsewhere in the greater Disney world (yes, I see what I did there), Disney Plus announced a new record 94.9 million subscribers, up from 28.6 million at this point a year ago. (It's expanded to a number of new countries worldwide in the past year.) And ESPN Plus added 600,000 subscribers and now stands at 12.1 million total.

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