Love Island UK fans aren't happy with this year's huge twist

Paige and Amber during episode one of Love Island UK 2022
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Love Island UK 2022 is finally back on our screens but let's just say things didn't get off to a great start. Fans on social media weren't thrilled with the show's first twist—the fact that the public got to pick the first pairings of the show. 

It's always awkward when contestants come in and get to choose who they want to couple up with, especially when the last one walks in and there's only one single man or woman still standing. So we all thought the new twist would make things more interesting or at least less awkward... but boy, were we wrong.

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Things got off to an okay start when Dami Hope walked in and got paired with Amber Beckford, but it went downhill from there. Gemma Owen, who's the daughter of football legend Michael Owen, didn't seem impressed to be in a couple with Liam Llewellyn and don't even get us started on Indyah's reaction to Ikenna Ekwonna... 

The look on the islanders' faces was pretty much self-explanatory (translation: they hated the pairings the public picked) and viewers at home could tell from a mile way. 

One viewer wrote on Twitter: "WHAT PUBLIC CHOSE THIS?!?! #LoveIsland"; while another added: "The public should never chose the couples again".

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"I’m sorry but who chose these couples. Those people need to be held captive from voting again #loveisland", another said.

Someone else wrote: "Every single one of the islanders when they found out that the public chose for them #LoveIsland".

And it was clear many were actually missing cringing on their sofa: "I'm sorry but I liked the awkwardness of the islanders having to choose people, multiple people stepping forward for the same person or seeing no one stepping forward for the guys #LoveIsland."

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Even Love Island alumna Amber Gill weighed in to say she would have hated if someone else picked for her: "I would be fuming too If someone else chose for me I did 3 interviews telling you my preferences and you let the BOZOS pick!!? #loveisland".

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However, not everyone missed the awkwardness of that first whiff of rejection. Some viewers (although not many) actually enjoyed the twist.

One said: "idc what anyone says, the fact that we chose who they coupled up with is MAKING THIS SEASON IT! #LoveIsland".

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Of course that, in true Love Island fashion, we won't have to endure the current pairings for long and neither will the islanders—cue a collective sigh of relief in the villa. 

Just as they were settling into their new setup, a handsome Italian man (who called himself an 'Italian snack') entered the villa to shake things up and it's fair to say the girls' heads started to turn. Get the popcorn ready...

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