Who is Liam Llewellyn on Love Island? All you need to know

Liam Llewellyn for Love Island 2022
Liam Llewellyn was the fourth contestant revealed for Love Island 2022 (Image credit: ITV)

Liam Llewellyn is one of the first batch of islanders heading into the Love Island 2022 villa.

Liam was the fourth contestant revealed for the latest series, and he’ll be hoping to go the distance and maybe even find love as one of the next Love Island winners! 

Talking about why he wanted to head into the villa this year, Liam said: "I think 22 is a really nice age to meet someone, you’ve got your years ahead of you so you have time to experience stuff and grow together. 

"I think Love Island is a great opportunity to meet someone, you’re in with a load of different types, so you can get to grips with what you really like about people."

Here's everything you need to know about Liam Llewellyn...

How old is Liam Llewellyn?

Liam Llewellyn is 22.

Where is Liam Llewellyn from?

Liam is from Newport in South Wales.

What is Liam Llewellyn's Instagram?

His Instagram handle is @liamllew_

Liam Llewellyn for Love Island 2022

Liam Llewellyn is heading to the Love Island 2022 villa. (Image credit: ITV)

What does Liam Llewellyn do for a living?

Liam is a Masters Student in Strength & Conditioning.

How would Liam's family and friends describe him?

Liam has admitted that he can be quite emotional sometimes, which may be a blessing or a curse when emotions run high in the villa.

Talking about how his friends and family would describe him, he said: "If you ask my mum, probably a little s**t. No, I’m a good kid, she knows that. They’d probably say quite generous, quite caring, happy, chatty, chirpy, bubbly. I wear my heart on my sleeve, I can’t hide how I feel about anyone. I’m probably quite emotional as well come to think about it."

How would Liam impress someone?

"Pay them a compliment! The thing that girls quite like is that I’m not just like, 'You’re mint.' I’m like, 'Your eyes are piercing, I’m lost in your eyes.' Or I’ll say something like, 'You’ve got nice feet' or something."

Love Island 2022 begins on Monday, June 6 at 9 pm on ITV2 and ITV Hub. Episodes will be made available to stream the following morning on BritBox

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