EastEnders spoilers: TRUTH about Rose Knight is REVEALED

George Knight in the Queen Vic - but what happened to Rose Knight?
George Knight faces the truth about his wife's mysterious disappearance. (Image credit: BBC)

George Knight's past catches up with him as the truth about Rose Knight's disappearance comes out in Thursday's episode of EastEnders (7:30 pm. see our TV Guide for full listings)

George Knight has been living under a cloud of suspicion ever since he came to Albert Square with his two daughters Gina Knight and Anna Knight.

Linda Carter has been on his case from the get go, as she's worried that her mum Elaine Peacock is being led up the garden path.

Before Elaine turned up in the Square to buy into the Queen Vic, Linda had no idea that Elaine was serious with anyone, as she hadn't even told her daughter about George!

George Knight meets Linda Carter

George Knight has been under suspicion from Linda Carter. (Image credit: BBC)

When George seemed to be lying about his money situation and the sale of his bar in Spain, Linda was even more uneasy. 

But it was finding out that his wife Rose Knight had walked out on him and the girls nine years before that really set Linda on edge.

Rose apparently just disappeared and never contacted the family again.

 After all the trauma that Linda has suffered in the last few years, she put two-and-two together and came to a sinister conclusion.

With the evidence stacking up, Linda started to seriously suspect that George had murdered Rose!

Phil Mitchell confronts George Knight

Phil Mitchell suspected George Knight was lying to him. (Image credit: BBC)

After getting local hardman Phil Mitchell to look into George's background, Phil asked his son-in-law Callum Highway to go through the police files at the station.

The copper couldn't find anything dodgy about George but he did discover that Rose was in the files, and access to them was classified.

With the mystery deepening, Phil asked his lawyer Richie to do some digging and he confronted George, accusing him of not being straight with him.

With the truth finally uncovered, the bombshell of what REALLY happened to Rose is revealed!

Did George murder his wife?

EastEnders continues on BBC One on Monday at 7:30 pm.