Blockbuster: episodes, cast and everything we know about the comedy

Randall Park in Blockbuster
Randall Park in Blockbuster (Image credit: RICARDO HUBBS/NETFLIX)

For people of a certain age, going to a Blockbuster to rent a movie was a weekly occurrence. Movie fans would wander through the aisles of the store picking something to watch over the next few days. Then streaming services changed the movie-watching landscape. Rather than having to travel to their nearest Blockbuster to find something to watch, they could now do so on their TVs from the comfort of their sofas. 

Which is why it’s pretty ironic that Netflix is the home for Blockbuster, a workplace comedy set in the last Blockbuster video store. The streaming giant hopes that Blockbuster is received as a hilarious and heartfelt addition to the sitcom genre that brings back warm memories for the nearly extinct brand. 

That’s why you should take a look below at everything that we know about Blockbuster.

Blockbuster release date

All 10 episodes of Blockbuster are now available to stream on Netflix.

Blockbuster trailer

Want to know what’s going to happen in Blockbuster? Of course you do. So why not take a look at the official trailer for the comedy. 

You can also watch the first three minutes of the premiere episode on Netflix's Tudum website,

Blockbuster episodes

Here are the official synopses for all 10 Blockbuster episodes:

Blockbuster episode 1, "Pilot"
"At the last Blockbuster in existence, manager Timmy rallies the staff into throwing a block party to boost membership and connect with the community."

Blockbuster episode 2, "Blockbuster Daddy"
"Timmy needs to make some hard choices to keep the store afloat. Eliza worries she's not being a good mom after hearing her daughter's new rock song."

Blockbuster episode 3, "Evan and Trevin"
"Halloween brings schemes and screams as Timmy, Eliza and Percy plot revenege against a pair of teen pranksters. Connie and Kayla launch an investigation."

Blockbuster episode 4, "The Itsy Bizzies"
"A nomination for a small business award has Timmy changing his hair — and a lot more. Meanwhile, Carols urges a penny-pinching Hannah to treat herself."

Blockbuster episode 5, "King of Queens"
"When Timmy resolves to move on from his crush and start dating, he turns to Percy and Kayla for help, while Eliza faces a romantic dilemma of her own."

Blockbuster episode 6, "Parental Control"
"Timmy's family emergency derails the team's plan to stay late and organize the inventory — and messes up Eliza's much-needed night of me-time."

Blockbuster episode 7, "Intimate Angels"
"A thoughtless gesture leads Timmy to reevaluate his close friendship with Percy, while Eliza, Hannah and Kayla help a grieving Connie find a new friend."

Blockbuster episode 8, "Special Guy Day"
"When Eliza spirals after an unexpected customer interaction, Timmy proposes a fun plan to cheer her up. Connie and Carlos help Hannah cram for a test."

Blockbuster episode 9, "Thimble"
"Ready to move on from Blockbuster, Eliza interviews for a promising new job. Kayla's search for an apartment takes a suspicious turn."

Blockbuster episode 10, "Sh*t Storm"
"As the store gears up for the holidays, a series of unfortunate events — from a solar storm to an appearance by a former child star — causes chaos."

Blockbuster cast

Blockbuster has a pretty stellar comedic cast at its disposal. Randall Park, who has appeared in the likes of Fresh Off The Boat, The Office, The Interview, Veep and Always Be My Maybe, plays Timmy Yoon. He’s joined by Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s Melissa Fumero as Eliza Walker, who appears to be Park’s co-lead in the show. 

The main cast of Blockbuster is rounded out by Tyler Alvarez’s Carlos Herrera, Madeleine Arthur’s Hannah Hadman, Olga Merediz’s Connie Serrano and J.B. Smoove as Percy Scott, with Kamaia Fairburn as his daughter Kayla. 

Smoove is very familiar to comedy fans thanks to his supporting role in Curb Your Enthusiasm over the past six seasons. Alvarez has appeared in Never Have I Ever; Arthur in the To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before trilogy; Merediz, meanwhile, was nominated for a Tony after appearing in the Broadway musical In The Heights, then reprising her role in the movie adaptation.

Find out more in our meet the Blockbuster cast feature.

Blockbuster plot

Blockbuster is set in the last remaining Blockbuster video store open in America. This is run by Yoon, who is an old-school dreamer and a huge lover of movies. After learning that he is managing the last Blockbuster Video, Yoon and his employees have to try and prove to the community that the store is still relevant. Otherwise Scott, the landlord to the Blockbuster store and Yoon’s best friend, will have to boot them out. 

Yoon is joined in his efforts by Walker, his former crush who has just started working at Blockbuster after splitting from her husband. Meanwhile, Herrera is a young employee who dreams of following Quentin Tarantino’s path from video store clerk  to mainstream director. He is aided in this quest by Hadman and Kalya, who also work at the store. 

Those behind Blockbuster, which was created by Superstore and Brooklyn Nine-Nine writer Vanessa Ramos, have promised that it explores what and who it takes to run a successful small business and why human connection is still so important. 

How to watch Blockbuster

Blockbuster is streaming exclusively on Netflix. All you have to do is log onto the streaming service, using a paid subscription.

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