‘Celebrity Hunted for Stand Up To Cancer’ season 4: line-up, release date and all about the 2022 series

'Celebrity Hunted for Stand Up To Cancer' in 2022 teams up The Vivienne and Chloe Veitch and sends them on the run.
'Celebrity Hunted for Stand Up To Cancer' in 2022 teams up The Vivienne and Chloe Veitch and sends them on the run. (Image credit: Channel 4)

Celebrity Hunted for Stand Up To Cancer on Channel 4 sees eight famous faces having to ditch the glitz to go on the run to compete in this new five-part 2022 series. The award-winning show is returning for a fourth season to raise money for Stand Up To Cancer, the joint campaign between C4 and Cancer Research UK. Teaming up into celebrity pairs are Olympic runner Iwan Thomas and Paralympian Richard Whitehead, former Holby City actress Chizzy Akudolu and rapper Lisa Maffia, RuPaul's Drag Race UK winner The Vivienne and reality star Chloe Veitch, and Made in Chelsea stars Ollie and Gareth Locke. 

The pairs will have to turn fugitive and attempt to evade capture for 14 days. But it won’t be easy as a new crack team of hunters will be hot on their trail! I

Ian Dunkley, Commissioning Editor for Factual Entertainment at Channel 4 said: “We are pleased to be bringing back the edge-of-your-seat game of cat and mouse with a confident batch of VIPs supporting the Stand Up To Cancer campaign. The forthcoming run will see both the Fugitives and the Hunters come up against new challenges in a Britain that has drastically changed since 2019’s series. We’re looking forward to seeing who will emerge as victors.”

Here's all you need to know about Celebrity Hunted for Stand Up To Cancer season 4 starting at the end of January...

'Celebrity Hunted for Stand Up To Cancer' release date

This five-part fourth season of Celebrity Hunted will begin on Channel 4 on Sunday January  30 at 9pm with subsequent episodes running at the same time weekly. You can also see the series on All4 after its Channel 4 air date.

Is there a ‘Celebrity Hunted’ season 4 trailer? 

No, there isn't a Celebrity Hunted season 4 trailer yet but watch this space and we’ll put it up on this page if one is released. 

‘Celebrity Hunted’ season 4 — how it works

Hunted and its celebrity spin-off Celebrity Hunted have one of the most competitive formats on TV. For the Stand Up To Cancer special, eight famous contestants get into pairs and must stay hidden for 14 days. They can take anything they can carry with them, for example food and disguises, and they have access to a bank account with £250 in it. They are not allowed to leave the UK. Hot on their heels are an elite team of professional investigators, former intelligence workers, police officers and armed forces members. They can use state-of-the-art technology to trace the fugitives, tracking their phones, tracing their bank accounts, searching for them via a helicopter and interrogating those helping them. To win, the celebrity fugitives will have to reach an extraction point without being caught by the authorities. 

Tom Hutchings, Executive Producer for Shine TV, which makes the series for Channel 4, says: “Hunted is back. More crazy fugitive tactics, more Jason Bourne tech, and more mayhem than ever before. We've a stellar set of celebrity fugitives - all fantastic characters, with impressive tricks up their sleeves. Up against them, our meanest team of Hunters yet. Get ready for the thrill of the chase."

The 'Celebrity Hunted’ line-up give their thoughts taking part

Chizzy Akudolu 
Chizzy is best known for her role as Mo Effanga in Holby City (2012-2018). She appeared in the 2017 series of Strictly Come Dancing but was the first celebrity to be eliminated. Chizzy has also starred in series such as Hitman, Too Close, Death in Paradise and Hetty Feather, where she played Mrs Doughty. She’s teaming up with rapper Lisa Maffia. “It's one of those experiences which you don't get to have unless you're actually on the run and I don't plan on committing a crime any time soon! It'll be fascinating to find out what it is actually like to be constantly looking over your shoulder,” says Chizzy. “We are in this to win this and between me and Lisa we’ve got a pretty good plan.” 

Lisa Maffia 
Rapper and singer Lisa shot to fame as part of the So Solid Crew. She’s since had a solo music career and has turned her hand to acting. She has a role in the upcoming film RoadGirl which is currently in production. She’s also appeared in Celebrity Coach Trip and The Real Full Monty. “Every year I vow to do something big for Stand Up To Cancer. One in two people will get the Big C so we need to know how to fight this thing. My mum has terminal cancer,” says Lisa. “The hunters are military-style aggressors. They think they are so smart. I really want to get away and beat them. My mum is a huge fan and for her to watch and see me get away... that encouragement is what she needs at this time. One thing Chizzy and I are going to do is laugh a lot which will help us cope with the pressure.”

Iwan Thomas 
Iwan Thomas MBE is a Welsh sprinter and an Olympic silver medallist. He appeared on the 2015 series of Strictly Come Dancing and regularly appears as a panellist on Through The Keyhole. He’s also been on Hole in the Wall, Celebrity Masterchef and Million Pound Drop. “Sometimes I go into things like a bull in a china shop, but I need to slow down and think a little bit. Being in a team will be a good thing for me,” says Iwan. “It's a game of chess, we’re trying to outwit them, and it's going to be tough, 100 per cent. I've definitely got that will to never quit, and never give up. I don't take no for an answer. I can push my body to massive extremes, and I think this is going to be quite an endurance event.  I've got no illusions about how tough it's going to be but I think if we can get into week two then it is going to be a real cat and mouse game.”

Richard Whitehead 
Two-time Paralympic gold medallist Richard Whitehead MBE won the 200m T42 at the Rio and the London Olympics. In 2013 he ran 40 marathons in 40 days, running from John O’Groats to Land’s End. He’s also appeared on the game show Beat The Chasers. “I want to show that whatever impairment and disability background you come from, it's really important to challenge yourself outside your box,” says Richard. “Representation is really important and seeing is believing in all areas of society. I'll immerse myself into the challenge. Iwan and I are very competitive, and we just want to get on with it, throw ourselves in at the deep end and see how far we get. If the hunters can't catch someone as visible as me then they are useless!”

Iwan Thomas and Richard Whitehead on the run in 'Celebrity Hunted'.

Iwan Thomas and Richard Whitehead on the run in 'Celebrity Hunted'. (Image credit: Channel 4)

'Celebrity Hunted' pairing Iwan Thomas and Richard Whitehead plan their escape..

'Celebrity Hunted' pairing Iwan Thomas and Richard Whitehead plan their escape.. (Image credit: Channel 4)

Lisa Maffia and Chizzy join forces for 'Celebrity Hunted'.

Lisa Maffia and Chizzy Akudolu join forces for 'Celebrity Hunted'. (Image credit: Channel 4)

The Vivienne 
James Williams, better known as The Vivienne, is a drag queen who won the first series of RuPaul’s Drag Race UK in 2019. Her prize was her own series The Vivienne Takes on Hollywood, which saw her fly to the US to produce her own music video. She has since appeared on The Great British Sewing Bee. She also had a cameo in Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie and played Donald Trump in Morning T&T. “Being a drag queen and doing all these different personas on stage, I'm definitely a master of disguise. I’m able to make money on the road as well. We could do pop up drag shows, sing for our supper, but in disguise,” says The Vivienne. “Chloe and I are both silly. We both love having fun. We don't take things too seriously, but we get the job done. We’re the perfect match.”

Chloe Veitch 
Reality star Chloe first appeared on the series Too Hot to Handle in 2020. She went on to star in The Circle last year and also took part in Celebrity Ghost Trip where Brendan Sheerin took celebrity sightseers to some of the spookiest places in the UK. “The Vivienne and I are both absolutely bonkers, and I hope we can make people laugh whilst helping to raise some money for Stand Up To Cancer,” says Chloe.  “We will maintain the high energy whenever we're feeling down or whenever we're upset or cold. We'll pick each other up when we're at our lowest. Doing the show together will be a crazy experience. I am hoping that our charm and sense of humour may be able to get us out of some tricky situations whilst on the run. People underestimate me but The Vivienne and I won’t go down without a fight.” 

Ollie Locke 
Ollie first found fame on the reality series Made In Chelsea. In 2014 he took part in Celebrity Big Brother, finishing third behind rapper Dappy and winner Jim Davidson. He also had a role in the film Greed, which starred Steve Coogan, Asa Butterfield, David Mitchell and Isla Fisher. Ollie’s survival skills should be good as he appeared on Celebrity Island with Bear Grylls in 2016. He’s appearing with his husband, Gareth. “Gareth is the most stubborn man in the entire world in a competitive way. I'm slightly more of a dreamer. So between us we can add tenacity and fairytale all at the same time,” he says. “We're actually calling this our honeymoon because we haven't had a honeymoon yet. If Gareth doesn't eat he can be difficult so I've got a banana and a Mars bar in my bag at all times. I will do anything I possibly can to make sure he's fed otherwise it will end in divorce.”

Gareth Locke 
Gareth is also a regular on Made In Chelsea, which he has been a part of since 2018. Normally he works in the clothing industry and is commercial director at the luxury brand Holland Cooper. “This is a rare opportunity. It's a life experience. How often do you actually break the law and how often do you actually get the chance to run?” says Gareth. “Doing it with Ollie makes it easier. It's almost a bit like marital therapy. Hopefully we make a good team or we will be re-evaluating the marriage. I’m quite the woodsman, I’m great at camping, my husband is a brilliant fisherman and I can make fires. I don’t mind slumming it either – I once slept in a skip.” 

Gareth and Ollie Locke are out of their 'Made In Chelsea' comfort zone.

Gareth and Ollie Locke are out of their 'Made In Chelsea' comfort zone. (Image credit: Channel 4)

The Vivienne and Chloe are ready to run!

The Vivienne and Chloe are ready to run!  (Image credit: Channel 4)

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