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Selling the OC: episode guide, trailer and everything we know about the Selling Sunset spinoff

Sean Palmieri toasting with other Selling the OC cast members
Sean Palmieri toasting with other Selling the OC cast members (Image credit: Netflix )

As fans impatiently wait for Selling Sunset season 6 of the series, Netflix hopes to satisfy their appetite in the interim with the new spinoff Selling the OC. While the series zeroes in on a new area and a whole new crop of ambitious realtors, the brokerage firm at the heart of the cast is a familiar one, The Oppenheim Group. That’s right, both Jason and Brett Oppenheim are back as they attempt to launch their second office in Newport Beach, Calif. 

So just what can the would-be audience expect of the new series? Well, show creator Adam DiVello tells the Netflix-owned site Tudum (opens in new tab)

"The cast is just wild, right from the jump; they don’t hold back. They don’t have any filters. They say what they’re thinking. And it’s a very drama-filled season."

Sounds like viewers are in for quite the entertaining ride. 

Here’s everything we know about Selling the OC.  

Selling the OC episode guide

Selling the OC premiered on Wednesday, August 24, on Netflix. Below you'll find a synopsis for each of the season's eight episodes. By the way, check out what we found out about breakout star of the series, Gio Helou

Episode 1: "Paradise Comes with a Price"
"Alex Hall takes new agent Kayla under her wing. At the office launch party, tension between Alexandra Rose and the other agents boils over."

Episode 2: "Them Tables…They Turn"
"Gio hosts a brokers’ open house, where he raises an issue with Alex. Three agents celebrate a triple birthday. Brandi works with a retired NBA player." 

Episode 3: "Testing the Waters"
"Trying to reel in her first listing, Kayla turns to Alex for help. Rose and Jarvis work a promising new lead. Alex and Gio butt heads at the beach." 

Episode 4: "A Not So Happy Hour"
"Kayla, struggling to balance everything, doesnt get much sympathy from Polly. Alex closes a deal. Austin’s lifestyle puts pressure on his marriage." 

Episode 5: "An Off-Market Offer"
"Scandal sweeps through the office after Kayla crosses a line. Alex and Jason tour a $105 million stunner while Polly shows Gio’s client a fixer-upper." 

Episode 6: "Co-listing Chaos"
"Tyler and Kayla clear the air, but Alex isn’t ready to move on. Polly works with Gio to make a big sale. Rose opens up about her difficult childhood." 

Episode 7: "Upping the Ante"
"Polly and Jarvis struggle to keep things civil. Tyler shows his first big listing. Gio hosts a poker night where drama erupts between office cliques." 

Episode 8: "Turning Tides"
"Kayla tries to keep things on track with a difficult client. At a yacht party for the team, fun in the sun gives way to an explosive personality clash." 

What is Selling the OC about? 

Selling the OC cast members sitting in the office

Selling the OC cast members sitting in the office (Image credit: Tyler Golden/Netflix)

Netflix describes the spinoff series as the following: 

"The Oppenheim Group expands to Orange County, where an all-new real estate team shows off lavish oceanfront listings and big personalities make waves."

It’s worth noting that unlike its predecessor Selling Sunset, Selling the OC features a cast of both men and women.  

Selling the OC cast

Meet the Selling the OC cast. Here’s a fun fact: there are a total of three Alexandras in this debut season of the series. Let's hope two out of the three go by other names on the show so we viewers won't be confused. 

Selling the OC trailer 

We have to say, the coed casting decision may have been a good one, as the series looks quite entertaining based on the trailer. The show definitely comes across as an adult version of Laguna Beach, which comes as no surprise given Adam DiVello developed both franchises. 

How to watch Selling the OC  

Selling the OC is a Netflix original series. Those hoping to catch the series will need to have a subscription to the streaming giant. Currently, Netflix offers a few different subscription options.