The Chase season 3: next episode, host, chasers and everything we know about the game show

Brandon Blackwell, James Holzhauer, Victoria Grace, Brad Rutter, Buzzy Cohen on The Chase
Brandon Blackwell, James Holzhauer, Victoria Grace, Brad Rutter, Buzzy Cohen on The Chase (Image credit: ABC/Richard Cartwright)

The Chase is on, as the ABC game show continues to pit fresh, hopeful game show contestants against some of the best to ever do it for a chance to win big cash prizes.

Originally based on a format from Britain, The Chase actually started as a show on The Game Show Network from 2013-2015, but in 2021, ABC brought it back as part of a big uptick in game shows on the network, along with the likes of Press Your Luck, The $100,000 Pyramid, celebrity versions of Family Feud and Wheel of Fortune, as well as the expansion of Jeopardy! on primetime.

So, what do you need to know about The Chase, including its host, key figures and rules? Let us break it all down for you.

The Chase season 3 next episode

The Chase is not on ABC Thursday, July 27. Instead, The Prank Panel is going to be filling its spot in the 9 pm ET/PT hour.

The Chase season 3 host

Sara Haines is the host of The Chase. Throughout her career, Haines has served as a TV host and journalist, including working as a correspondent for Today, ABC News and Good Morning America, as well as a co-host on The View

The Chase season 3 chasers

While each episode of The Chase brings new contestants with the hopes of winning big bucks, standing in their way is a roster of game show veterans known as "the chasers." Here is who serves as chasers on the game show and their credentials:

Brandon Blackwell
A professional on the game show circuit, before he was 20 Brandon Blackwell appeared on three different quiz shows and won nearly $400,000. He has also competed in the Quiz Olympiad in Athens, winning two medals, including gold for speed quizzing. He is also one of the highest-scoring players of all time on University Challenge, which is considered a highly difficult UK game show.

Buzzy Cohen
Buzzy Cohen broke out as a game show star on Jeopardy!, having a 10-day run. That is actually not as long as some (Cohen sits outside of the top 10 in longest streaks on the game show) but his style and personality helped make him a star, reappearing for the 2017 Tournament of Champions, which he won, and was a captain on Jeopardy!'s All-Star Games. He has also served as a temporary host for the show on occasion.

Victoria Grace
Another Jeopardy! veteran, Victoria Grace’s claim to fame on the show was actually ending the 19-game run of David Madden in 2005. Since then, she has competed in the international quizzing community, which has seen her be one of two people to have finished in the top 10 of the LearnedLeague Championship each of the last three years and one of three Americans to ever podium at the World Quizzing Championships (she finished third). 

James Holzhauer
One of the most famous game show contestants of all time, James Holzhauer rejoins The Chase after recently winning the inaugural Jeopardy! Masters tournament, where he reveled in the self-proclaimed title of game show villain. In addition to his new title, Holzhauer is top 5 in the big four Jeopardy! categories — consecutive games won, highest winnings (regular season play), single-game winnings and all-time winnings. 

Brad Rutter
Ken Jennings and James Holzhauer may be the most memorable Jeoaprdy! champs of all time, but don’t sleep on Brad Rutter. He is actually the all-time winnings leader on the show with nearly $5 million over a multitude of tournaments, including the Greatest of All Time tournament when he played against Jennings and Holhauer. 

The Chase format

If you're new to The Chase and want to understand the specifics of the game. Here are the basics: 

  • There are three contestants per episode.
  • Each contestant starts by playing a "Cash-builder" round, where they earn money based on correct answers.
  • The next round is a head-to-head matchup against the chasers, where each contestant hopes to answer enough correct questions to get the money won during the "Cash-builder" round into the bank.
  • One at a time, a contestant and chaser are on opposite ends of a board that has seven spaces. The contestant can start three spaces ahead of the chaser, or can accept a deal to start closer to the chaser for more money or further away for less money.
  • Once a position is chosen, the contestant and chaser each answer the same question via a keypad. When one of them answers, the other has five seconds to submit their answer or be locked out. If they answer correctly, they move a space ahead. If they answer incorrectly or are locked out, they do not move.
  • If the contestant completes the board before the chaser, the money is officially moved to the bank and they move on to the Final Chase. If the chaser reaches the end of the board first, then the contestant is eliminated and their money is forfeited.
  • If all three players lose to the chaser, then one contestant is selected to participate in the Final Chase for $60,000.
  • The Final Chase has the contestants that advanced to that round work together to answer questions from one of two question sets of their choosing. They have two minutes to give as many correct answers as they can, but the questions must be answered by the person who buzzes in. The team is given a head start on the chaser of one spot per contestant participating in the Final Chase, with each correct answer moving them another spot forward. 
  • When the contestants have completed their questions, the chaser answers questions from the other set with a two-minute ticking clock. If the chaser passes or is incorrect on a question, the contestants can give the correct answer and either move the chaser a spot back or them a spot ahead (if the chaser is still at the starting spot).
  • If the chaser does not catch the contestants before time runs out, the contestant split the money in the bank. If the chaser does catch them, the contestants earn $5,000 each.

How to watch The Chase

The Chase airs on ABC, which means anyone with a traditional pay-TV subscription, a TV antenna or a live TV streaming that carries the network (FuboTV, Hulu with Live TV, YouTube TV) can tune in. Viewers can also stream episodes on-demand on Hulu

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