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'Too Hot to Handle' season 3: release date, cast, premise, trailer, and everything we know

Too Hot To Handle season 3 cast
'Too Hot to Handle' season 3 has a whopping $200,000 grand prize. (Image credit: Tom Dymond/Netflix)

The golden shores of paradise are back in Too Hot to Handle season 3 where a fresh set of gorgeous singles meet. All seems perfect for the singletons on the idyllic island, but there’s just one thing that’s standing in their way — they must give up sex to win a $200,000 grand prize.

The first season was a hit during lockdown with contestants Francesca Farago, Harry Jowsey, Lydia Clyma, Kelz Dyke, Rhonda Paul, Nicole O’Brien, Chloe Veitch, Bryce Hirschberg, David Birtwistle, and Sharron Townsend winning the series and splitting the remaining prize money of $75,000.

They have also released other versions of the series, including Too Hot to Handle Brazil and Too Hot to Handle Latino.

Here’s everything we know about Too Hot to Handle season 3… 

‘Too Hot to Handle’ season 3 release date

Too Hot to Handle season 3 was released on Wednesday, Jan. 19, 2022, so the full season is available to watch right now! It's just one of the many new shows coming to Netflix in January 2022.

What is ‘Too Hot to Handle’ season 3 about? 

Ten stunning young singles meet each other in a tropical villa, but there won’t be hook-ups for them any time soon as they are forbidden from any sexual contact if they want to win the grand prize.

Watching their every move is virtual assistant Lana, who reduces the amount of prize money every time a rule is broken. Will the new contestants be able to handle it? Or will they give in and break the rules?

Who is in ‘Too Hot to Handle’ season 3? 

There are 10 contestants — but who will just be too hot to handle?

The girls

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Too Hot To Handle season 3 contestant Beaux

Beaux (Image credit: Netflix)

Beaux is a 24-year-old legal secretary from Kent, UK.

Image 2 of 5

Too Hot to Handle contestant Jaz

Jaz (Image credit: Netflix)

Jaz is a 25-year-old entrepreneur and model from Virginia, USA.

Image 3 of 5

Too Hot to Handle season 3 contestant Georgia

Georgia (Image credit: Netflix)

26-year-old Georgia is a student midwife from Brisbane, Australia.

Image 4 of 5

'Too Hot To Handle' season 3 contestant Holly

Holly (Image credit: Netflix)

Holly is a 23-year-old student and model from Colorado, USA.

Image 5 of 5

'Too Hot To Handle' season 3 contestant Izzy

Izzy (Image credit: Netflix)

Izzy is a 22-year-old personal trainer from Cheltenham, UK.

The boys

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'Too Hot To Handle' season 3 contestant Harry

Harry (Image credit: Netflix)

Harry, 29, is a tree surgeon from Middlesborough, UK.

Image 2 of 5

Too Hot to Handle contestant Patrick

Patrick (Image credit: Netflix)

Patrick is a 29-year-old model and actor from Hawaii, USA.

Image 3 of 5

'Too Hot To Handle' season 3 contestant Nathan

Nathan (Image credit: Netflix)

24-year-old Nathan is a model from Cape Town, South Africa.

Image 4 of 5

'Too Hot To Handle' season 3 contestant Truth

Truth (Image credit: Netflix)

Truth is a 23-year-old basketball player and student from Texas, USA.

Image 5 of 5

'Too Hot To Handle' season 3 contestant Stevan

Stevan (Image credit: Netflix)

Stevan, 26, is a model from LA, USA.

Is there a trailer?

The first trailer we saw introduced us to the new set of young singles who are willing to take on the challenge for $200,000. 

On Jan. 19, Netflix released another trailer to mark the release of the latest series of Too Hot to Handle. This one sees the ten sizzling singles gearing up for the party of a lifetime on a fake show called "Pleasure Island" before it's revealed to the contestants that they've actually signed up for Too Hot to Handle instead! 

You can watch the new trailer below: 

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