Tough as Nails season 4: next episode, eliminations and everything we know about the reality series

Sparks fly as Sergio Robles saws into metal on Tough as Nails
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Most reality TV puts the spotlight on wannabe influencers and celebrities, but Tough as Nails gives blue collar workers doing the not always glamorous but necessary jobs a time to shine. That's true again in Tough as Nail season 4 back on CBS in 2023.

This competition series got its start in 2020, when essential workers were more important than ever. Now, firefighters, technicians, electricians, construction workers and more are getting their chance to compete for a potentially life-changing six-figure payday.

Here is everything that you need to know about Tough as Nails season 4.

When is the next Tough as Nails season 4 episode?

Another new episode of Tough as Nails season 4 premieres on Wednesday, February 1, at 10 pm ET/PT on CBS. Here is what the contestants are faced with this week, in an episode titled "Rise and Grind":

"Crew members compete in pairs to shrink wrap a large container, with the last couple to finish facing the overtime challenge where one person will be eliminated from the individual competition."

In addition to airing on CBS, Tough as Nails can be streamed live or watched on-demand via Paramount Plus.

The show does not air in the UK.

Tough as Nails season 4 premise

The main concept of Tough as Nails is to honor the US workers who roll up their sleeves day in and day out to help keep things rolling as they should. But this is still a reality competition series. So, the 12 competitors put their real-life skills to the test at real job sites, including construction, welding, fishing, farming, carpentry and more, with contestants being eliminated until just one remains and wins a $200,000 grand prize, plus an additional cash bonus. 

Tough as Nails season 4 contestants

A group of 12 competitors from various professions are going to be competing for the Tough as Nails season 4 trophy. Here is who fans are going to be watching this season:

Tough as Nails season 4 eliminations

Week 1: Synethia Bland
Week 2: Renèe Kolar
Week 3: Aly Bala
Week 4: Sergio Robles

Tough as Nails season 4 host

Returning as host for Tough as Nails season 4 is Phil Keoghan, who also co-created the series and serves as an executive producer. Keoghan is best known for his long stint as the host of another CBS reality series, the globe-trotting The Amazing Race.

Ahead of Tough as Nails' first season, Keoghan spoke to US Weekly (opens in new tab) about how he was inspired to do the show because of his family’s working-class history, particularly his grandfather, who was forced to stop going to school at 13.

"He was a really bright kid and just never got a chance at a higher education, but he became this amazing mechanic and then an era mechanic in World War II. I was so enamored by his skills and what he could do and what my other grandfather, who was a carpenter, could do. I realized that while education is incredibly powerful and an important part of getting ahead, education can come in many different forms."

Phil Keoghan on Tough as Nails

Phil Keoghan on Tough as Nails (Image credit: Cliff Lipson/CBS)

Tough as Nails season 4 trailer

No trailer or footage for Tough as Nails season 4 has been released. But if/when some does become available, we'll share it here. 

How to watch Tough as Nails season 4

With Tough as Nails airing on CBS, anyone with a traditional TV cable setup can tune in to their local CBS station to watch the reality show when it airs live. If you've cut the cord, live TV streaming services like FuboTV, Hulu with Live TV and YouTube TV include CBS as part of their channel lineup, meaning their subscribers can also watch the network live.

Another option is Paramount Plus, which offers the chance for live and on-demand viewing of Tough as Nails, depending on what package you have. If you have the ad-supported Essentials package, you can only watch on-demand the next day. But if you have the the Paramount Plus' Premium package, you get live access to your local CBS station.

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