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Willow: release date, trailer, cast, plot and everything you need to know

Warwick Davis as Willow Ufgood and Graham Hughes in Lucasfilm's Willow series.
Warwick Davis' Nelwyn sorcerer Willow Ufgood returns in the upcoming Willow sequel series coming to Disney Plus. (Image credit: Lucasfilm)

Willow's long-awaited sequel series is coming later this year.

It's been 34 years since we were first introduced to the dark fantasy world that first appeared when Willow hit movie theaters back in 1988. Based on a story by George Lucas, Ron Howard's movie saw Willow (Warwick Davis) setting out on an epic quest to put a stop to the forces of darkness.

We've known that a Willow sequel series was in the works for some time now. Production for the series began in June 2021,  but at Star Wars Celebration on May 26, we finally learned that the new series would be hitting Disney Plus later this year.

Here's everything we know about the Willow series so far...

Willow release date

The Willow TV series will premiere exclusively on Disney Plus on Wednesday, November 30. We don't yet know how many episodes the new series will run for.

Willow plot

The new series is set years after the original movie and will introduce a new band of adventurers to the realm.

The official synopsis (opens in new tab) for the new series reads as follows: "The story began with an aspiring magician from a Nelwyn village and an infant girl destined to unite the realms, who together helped destroy an evil queen and banish the forces of darkness. 

"Now, in a magical world where brownies, sorcerers, trolls, and other mystical creatures flourish, the adventure continues, as an unlikely group of heroes set off on a dangerous quest to places far beyond their home, where they must face their inner demons and come together to save their world."

Willow cast

You can't have a Willow series without Willow Ufgood himself, so it's good to know that Warwick Davis is reprising his role as the farmer-turned-sorcerer. He's not the only person returning from the original cast, either, as Joanne Whalley is set to return as now-queen Sorcha.

The new series also sees a new band of adventurers stepping into the frame. Ruby Cruz (Mare of Easttown) is on hand as Madmartigan and Sorcha's daughter, Princess Kit, along with Erin Kellyman (Solo: A Star Wars Story) as Jade and Ellie Bamber (The Serpent) as Dove who seek out Willow to help them save the world.

Also starring are Tony Revolori (Spider-Man: No Way Home) Amer Chadha-Patel (The Third Day), Dempsey Bryk (The Silence), Rosabell Laurenti Sellers (Game of Thrones), and Talisa Garcia (Baptiste).

Willow Ufgood (Warwick Davis), Graydon (Tony Revolori), Boorman (Amar Chadha-Patel), Dove (Ellie Bamber), Kit (Ruby Cruz) and Jade (Erin Kellyman) face away from the camera in Willow.

Willow and his new adventuring companions face a new threat this year. (Image credit: Lucasfilm)

Last November, Disney released this hilarious video which sees Warwick Davis taking us all behind the scenes to meet the supporting cast working on the new series. 

Is Val Kilmer in the Willow TV series?

With Warwick Davies returning, one of the big questions surrounding the upcoming series of late has been around whether Val Kilmer would make a return Kilmer appeared in the original movie as the disgraced knight, Madmartigan. 

In great news for Willow fans, it has been confirmed that Val will be 'a huge part' of the new series by Warwick Davis and executive producer Jonathan Kasdan. Speaking to Yahoo Entertainment (opens in new tab), Kasdan said: "Val's a huge part of this, and the first conversation I had, when Warwick and I got the greenlight to do this, was with Val. We wanted his character to be a part of the story. We wanted him to be in the show."

Davis added: "Val's spirit is very much with the series. [He and I] have been in touch since we made the movie, and we're good friends and he's a terrific guy.

"I still attribute me getting through the film to Val. He kept my spirits up when conditions were really treacherous and difficult. I was cold, wet, tired. He kept me laughing, kept the whole thing fun. Madmartigan lives on", he added.

Is there a Willow trailer?

Yes! The teaser trailer for the new Willow series debuted at Star Wars Celebration, and it teases plenty of magic and mishaps for Willow and his companions. Expect action, fantastical creatures and plenty of swords when the series arrives.

Check out the teaser below:

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