Is Stacey leaving EastEnders? Everything you need to know

Stacey Slater is terrified but is Stacey leaving EastEnders?
Is Stacey leaving EastEnders? (Image credit: BBC)

EastEnders favourite Stacey Slater's (Lacey Turner) desperation to provide for her family has landed her in huge trouble after she stole some money from the office cleaning job she had been doing with mum Jean (Gillian Wright).

The Slaters have been struggling financially for some time now and Jean was instantly suspicious when Stacey suddenly acquired some spare cash and correctly guessed that her daughter must have stolen it.

Jean warned Stacey that she would get arrested and sent to prison again if she was caught stealing, but Stacey lied that the money was legit and that Martin had sent it from his job abroad. 

However, Jean's warning resonated with Stacey and she received a wake-up call when her pregnant daughter Lily Slater (Lillia Turner) was attacked at school.

Stacey Slater is in big trouble.

Is Stacey Slater heading back to prison? (Image credit: BBC)

Reminding her of her responsibilities, she decided to return the money so that she wouldn't be sent down again.

She confessed the truth to Jean and asked for her help in distracting the office security guard so that she could put the cash back in the tin. But when she was caught in the act, the security guard offered to keep quiet about the incident if she went on a date with him.

As he tried to kiss her, Stacey assaulted him and fled the building. But she was left horrified when police officer Callum Highway (Tony Clay) asked her to come to the station for an interview.

With Stacey already being banged up twice before, most recently after Stacey was accused of assaulting former friend Ruby Allen, is Stacey about to go back to prison and leave EastEnders?

Is Stacey leaving EastEnders? 

Fans will be glad to hear that Stacey will not be leaving EastEnders as in upcoming episodes we see her continue to grapple with her money struggles.

Once again, Stacey goes to desperate measures to not let down her family as she confronts security guard Alan and threatens him over his accusations.

When Callum interviews her, Stacey denies stealing the money but will he believe her?

Stacey then finds herself in more hot water when she returns to the Square and finds Kat Slater (Jessie Wallace) in the Vic meeting with the rest of the Slaters.

An offended Stacey is furious when Kat reveals that she's using her fiancé Phil Mitchell's (Steve McFadden) money to sort out the Slaters' cash issues and they end up in a massive row.

Stacey Slater counts her cash.

Stacey stole some money from an open petty cash tin while cleaning an office. (Image credit: BBC)

And when Martin Fowler (James Byereturns to the Square after working abroad in Turkey for a few weeks, he advises Stacey that being stubborn about Kat's offer only leaves the whole family worse off.

Stacey listens to Martin's wise words and agrees to apologise to Kat. But instead of putting their feud to bed, the ladies end up in another slanging match!

Things get even worse for Stacey as she has a horrifying encounter with nasty loan shark Shiv after borrowing money from him.

After getting together the money to pay off Shiv, she's left stunned when he demands another £200 by the following day. But when she hesitates to give him any more money, he threatens her with violence. Will Stacey be able to get out of this situation and solve her money struggles once and for all?

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