Meet the Buying Beverly Hills cast: a who’s who guide

Farrah Brittany, Alexia Umansky and Mauricio Umansky talking at a party in Buying Beverly Hills
Farrah Brittany, Alexia Umansky and Mauricio Umansky in Buying Beverly Hills (Image credit: Netflix)

For those that happen to be big fans of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, specifically Kyle Richards, we have some good news for you. Her family will be front and center in the new Netflix series Buying Beverly Hills. 

While the series may not have the usual flare for the fabulousness and dramatics as the Housewives franchise, it will be interesting to watch how Kyle’s family works together in the real estate space. Additionally, it should be entertaining to see how they interact with the other members of Mauricio Umansky’s firm, The Agency. 

Without further ado, here’s the Buying Beverly Hills cast. 

Mauricio Umansky

Longtime RHOBH fans know Mauricio as Kyle’s beloved husband. While the Bravo series scratches the surface of his career, Buying Beverly Hills shows his highly successful real estate business, The Agency. At The Agency, he’s the boss and everyone reports to him. Viewers get to see how he uses his years of expertise in real estate to help his team navigate multimillion-dollar deals.  

Farrah Brittany

As Mauricio’s stepdaughter (or bonus daughter, as some prefer) and a founding member of The Agency, Farrah is quite the respected powerbroker in the series. When she’s not wheeling and dealing major deals or guiding the newer members of the team, she’s focusing on her soon-to-be husband, Alex Manos.  

Alexia Umansky

The daughter of Mauricio, sister of Farrah and the newest junior agent, Alexia is on a mission to prove she has what it takes to compete in the Los Angeles real estate market. She also has to do her best not to get too distracted by Joey Ben-Zvi, who she may or may not be romantically involved with.  

Melissa Platt

Melissa doesn’t appear to be an active member of The Agency, but she is an incredibly close friend of Farrah, often serving as her confidant. However, it’s yet to be seen if her close relationship proves to be a problem for those that do actually work at the firm. 

Santiago Arana

Santiago is a partner at The Agency and isn’t that concerned with sucking up to the boss. However, considering the size of the deals that he’s able to put together, we’d say he prefers to let his work speak for itself. 

Ben Belack

Before Ben made his way to The Agency as an agent, he was an actor that made appearances on shows like Jane the Virgin and Veronica Mars. Now that he’s turned in his acting chops for real estate, he prides himself on his ability to sell using his social media accounts. He also happens to be dating his coworker, Amanda York. 

Allie Lutz Rosenberger

Allie may look familiar to some as she was once seen on the popular MTV series The Hills. However, she is now a senior agent at The Agency and is also a wife and mother of three. 

Sonika Vaid

Also a veteran of reality TV, Sonika was previously a contestant on American Idol season 15. Although she may have been confident on stage, she doesn’t have the same level of confidence as a junior agent. By the way, she too is dating a coworker (Kevin Stewart). 

Joey Ben-Zvi 

Joey is a product of Beverly Hills in Brentwood and is well-connected in the area, which gives him a leg up in the firm as a junior agent. Viewers want to pay close attention to Joey to see if his will-they-or-won’t-they banter with Alexia pans out. 

Jon Grauman

Jon started out in the music industry like Sonika Vaid before working his way to real estate. Now as a senior agent at The Agency, his goal is to close big deals and mentor the junior agents at the company. He’s married to his coworker Lauren Grauman. 

Brandon Graves

Brandon is at The Agency as a former professional dancer turned junior agent. He brings a unique perspective to his job and isn’t afraid to call out "systematic obstacles" he may encounter as a Black man.  

Buying Beverly Hills is a Netflix original series. 

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