Meet the Super Mario Bros. Movie cast: who's who in the animated game movie

Super Mario Bros Movie with Chris Pratt
Chris Pratt voices Mario in the Super Mario Bros. Movie (Image credit: Nintendo / Getty Images)

Now that The Super Mario Bros. Movie is finally out, you've probably seen it and are wondering "wait — whose voice was that again?".

The animated adaptation of the hugely popular video game series has a star-studded cast, with Hollywood celebrities voicing everything from the main characters to the tiny side roles. 

But with each actor providing such great and immersive voice work, there's a good chance that you might not quite be able to work out who's playing who.

We'll sort all that out though — here's the cast of Super Mario Bros. Movie, and who they play.

Chris Pratt as Mario

Playing the famous Italian mustache-wearer Mario, is Chris Pratt.

As the title suggests, Mario is the main character of the Super Mario Bros. Movie. He's a plumber from Brooklyn who finds himself in the Mushroom Kingdom, and needs to rescue his brother from the clutches of the evil Bowser.

In the video games, Mario is not from Brooklyn, but other non-game stories have stated that the character is from the New York City borough, which the new movie leans on. As such Pratt isn't going for an Italian accent, which is probably for the best. Instead, he's using his own voice, laced with some childish playfulness (though not as much as in The Lego Movie).

You may know Pratt from little-known indie films like Guardians of the Galaxy, the Jurassic World trilogy, The Tomorrow War, The Lego Movie and plenty more — he's one of the biggest and most recognizable stars right now.

Charlie Day as Luigi

Mario's green-clad brother Luigi is being voiced by Charlie Day.

The two brothers share a plumbers' business in Brooklyn, and like Mario, Luigi gets whisked from the city to the Mushroom Kingdom, where he immediately gets captured by the evil Bowser.

Luigi is the "Bro" in "Super Mario Bros." In lots of the multiplayer Mario games, he's who the second player plays. But he's also seen his own series of video games, called Luigi's Haunted Mansion, and fittingly the movie sees him exploring a haunted mansion.

Day is well known for playing recurring character Charlie Kelly in It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, but you may have also seen him in Horrible Bosses, Pacific Rim and I Want You Back — he also played a small voice role in The Lego Movie, alongside Pratt. He's a veteran comedy actor, so you know Luigi is in good hands.

Jack Black as Bowser

Mario's long-time nemesis — and sometimes ally and sometimes race-kart opponent, depending on the game — is Bowser. In the movie, Jack Black voices the tortoise monster.

Bowser is bent on a conquest of the Mushroom Kingdom, partly for general world domination goals, but partly to coerce Princess Peach into marrying him. Bowser is enacting this plan using an army of Koopa Troopers, and also a giant floating lava lake with a bow looking like his own face. Baller.

You might know Jack Black for classics like School of Rock, King Kong or High Fidelity, but he's been seeing a renaissance in recent years with the Jumanji movies and Kung-Fu Panda.

The voice of Bowser in the movie sounds surprisingly un-Jack-Black-like, but given that the comedy actor is known for his engrossing character performances, it's a pleasant surprise.

Anna Taylor-Joy as Princess Peach

Anya Taylor-Joy Last Night in Soho

Anya Taylor-Joy Last Night in Soho (Image credit: Focus Features)

Princess Peach is voiced by Anya Taylor-Joy.

In The Super Mario Bros. Movie, Princess Peach is the monarch of the Mushroom Kingdom, though it's heavily implied she's originally from Earth. She's an action star who cares for her people, which is a big change from the games where her role is generally to be kidnapped by Bowser as a prize for Mario to win back.

Princess Peach is also the love interest of Mario, both in the games and the movie.

You might have seen Taylor-Joy from The Northman, The Menu, The Queen's Gambit, Last Night in Soho and Peaky Blinders, as she's been going from strength to strength recently. She's soon set to star in Furiosa, the upcoming Mad Max: Fury Road sequel.

Keegan-Michael Key as Toad

Toad — the character, though the whole race of mushroom creatures are also called Toads — is voiced by Keegan-Michael Key.

Toad's role is as a protector to the Mushroom Kingdom, and he aids Mario and Princess Peach in their quest to befriend the monkey Kong tribe as allies in their fight against Bowser.

He's also the character who introduces Mario to the Mushroom Kingdom.

You might know Keegan-Michael Key as the Key in the Key and Peele show, but he's also in Keanu, Role Models, and plenty more comedies. Oh, and The Predator.

Seth Rogen as Donkey Kong

Seth Rogen

(Image credit: Getty Images)

Donkey Kong is voiced by Seth Rogen.

The son of Cranky Kong, the leader of the Kong people of monkeys, Donkey Kong loses to Mario in a duel, which begins a feud that they quickly work through when escaping a Mario Kart ambush. If you haven't watched the film, that sentence will make absolutely no sense.

The Donkey Kong games actually predate the Mario ones, as the red jumper first appeared in the first Donkey-Kong game two years before the Mario Bros. game. But there's been quite a bit of crossover since then.

Donkey Kong is a giant... gorilla. Not a donkey. He's sometimes a friend and sometimes a foe of Mario, and the movie straddles both sides of that.

Seth Rogen is a huge Hollywood star. The actor, known for acting in comedies like Knocked Up, Pineapple Express and Paul, and more recently producing The Boys and loads more movies and TV shows, is possibly one of the biggest names on the cast list.

Other actors

We've listed the biggest stars of The Super Mario Bros. Movie, but there are plenty more recognizable actors who pop up.

Comedy actor Fred Armisen, known for Saturday Night Live and Portlandia, is playing Cranky Kong, the wizened grandfather to Donkey Kong.

Veteran voice actor Kevin Michael Richardson, who you might have heard in Invincible, Family Guy and American Dad, is playing Kamek, who's basically a magical version of Bowser's Koopa. He's Bowser's closest aide.

Sebastian Maniscalco, who's in Green Book, The House and The Irishman, plays a character called Spike. This is someone from Brooklyn, who's Mario and Luigi's nemesis before they travel to the Mushroom Kingdom.

A small role in the trailer is the Penguin King, and this role is played by Khary Payton, who plays small roles in Invincible and Guardians of the Galaxy — it's not clear how much of a role they have beyond what we've already seen.

And in a brief cameo we also hear the voice of Charles Martinet, who's played Mario in many of the video games, but he's not playing Mario in the movie. You can hear his single line after the Mario Bros' plumbing service ad airs at the beginning of the ad, where he compliments the production value of the advert.

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