How to cancel your Sling TV subscription

The true test of any service is whether they make it as easy to leave as they do to sign up. And Sling does a pretty good job of that if you choose to cancel. That's not to say they won't throw a couple confirmations your way in hopes that you'll change your mind — and they might even offer up some free hardware if you choose to stay and pay for a couple months of service. But it's mostly a painless process.

Sling cancel

Here's how to cancel your Sling TV subscription:

  1. Log in to your Sling Account page here .
  2. Click the "Cancel subscription" button.
  3. Go through the confirmation pop-ups.
  4. Poof. You're canceled.

That's it, really. Sling will try to entice you to stay — and there's nothing at all wrong with that. But this is, on the whole, a pretty painless operation.