How to watch Douglas is Cancelled online: stream Steven Moffat drama from anywhere now

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Hugh Bonneville finds himself in hot water as the titular newsreader after a sexist joke at a wedding goes viral in Douglas is Cancelled. The ITV drama premiered on June 27, with all four episodes available to watch for FREE in the UK on ITVX now, but don't worry if you’re away from the UK, because you can watch Douglas is Cancelled from anywhere with a VPN.

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Time: 9 pm UK / 4 pm ET / 1 pm PT / 6 am AEST (Fri)

UK: ITVX (free)
How to use a VPN to watch Douglas is Cancelled from anywhere

The latest drama from former Doctor Who boss Steven Moffat took a darkly twisted look at cancel culture, those who fall victim, those who form the baying mobs and ultimately, those who benefit from others people's downfalls. While Douglas scrambles trying to prevent a career implosion, it is his fellow news anchor Madeline (Karen Gillan) who stokes the flames, looking to seize the opportunity to step into the more senior presenter's shoes. 

The show also looked at those around Douglas, at risk of being sucked in to the cancellation vortex, including Alex Kingston as his wife Sheila, Madeline Power as their daughter Claudia and Ben Miles as his TV producer boss Toby. Joe Wilkinson and Nick Mohammed are also in the cast, providing reliable comedic pathos. 

While Moffat is known for his high concept writing and mind-bending twists, Douglas is Cancelled is a more down to earth affair, swapping the TARDIS for Twitter, and Sherlock for scandal. 

Ready for the wrath of a social media jury? Here's how to watch Douglas is Cancelled from anywhere in the world. We've got all the information you'll need below.

How to watch Douglas is Cancelled online in the UK for free

Douglas is Cancelled began on ITV at 9 pm UK on Thursday, June 27 and is airing in the same slot weekly for its four episode run. 

If you'd sooner binge the lot, the whole season is available now on ITVX.

If you're trying to access ITVX while outside the UK, you might want to try a VPN to allow you to watch from abroad. Check out the full instructions for doing so further down this page.

Can I watch Douglas is Cancelled online in the US?

Unfortunately no US broadcaster has picked up the rights to Douglas is Cancelled just yet, however with the show being actively shopped internationally, we wouldn't image it'll be to long until the drama arrives Stateside. 

In the meantime, UK citizens outside the country will need a VPN to watch Douglas is Cancelled. We've got all the details you need for that below.

Can I watch Douglas is Cancelled online in Australia?

While British dramas usually find a home in their fellow Commonwealth nation, there's nothing confirmed just yet about when and where Douglas is Cancelled might air Down Under. Other ITV hits, such as Mr. Bates vs The Post Office, have arrived mere weeks after their UK debut, so keep an eye out for this one too. 

For now, if you’re a Brit abroad looking to stream Douglas is Cancelled, you’ll want to look into purchasing VPN. You’ll find all the details on how to do that here.

How to watch Douglas is Cancelled from anywhere with a VPN

If you're traveling outside the UK, you can watch Douglas is Cancelled on the ITVX streaming by using a VPN – no matter where you are in the world!

Normally a streaming service will know where you are trying to tune in from and block you if you're not in the right country but a Virtual Private Network (VPN) is an app that hides your location. That means you can access your usual sports and entertainment services even while you're traveling abroad.

Our favorite VPN is NordVPN, which is the No. 1-rated VPN in the world right now according to our sister site, TechRadar.

How to use a VPN to watch any stream

  • Download the app at NordVPN
  • Choose the location of the streaming service you want to watch – in this case, the UK
  • Navigate to the streaming service and start watching!

NordVPN is one of the simplest and most affordable ways to watch what you want, from wherever you want to watch it.

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What you need to know about Douglas is Cancelled

Douglas is Cancelled trailer

Douglas Is Cancelled Official Trailer | ITV - YouTube Douglas Is Cancelled Official Trailer | ITV - YouTube
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What was the Douglas is Cancelled release date?

Douglas is Cancelled premiered on ITV on Thursday, June 27 at 9 pm UK / 4 pm ET / 11 am PT / 6 am AEST (Fri). It is now airing in the same slot weekly. You can read a full episode guide below. 

All four episodes are available to stream on the ITVX streaming service right now.

Douglas is Cancelled episode guide

Episode 1: Aired Thursday, June 27 | WATCH | RECAP

TV presenter Douglas faces the backlash of a sexist joke made at a wedding, as his co-host Madeline accidentally amplifies the situation. But was it an accident?

Episode 2: Aired Thursday, July 4 | WATCH | RECAP

The furore around the joke continues. Douglas needs to be coached on how to handle the questions he’s facing. But who should do the coaching? His wife or his co-presenter?

Episode 3: Airs Thursday, July 11 | WATCH | RECAP

When Madeline Crow and Douglas Bellowes met for the first time, the encounter took an unexpected turn. Now, three years later, there are explosive consequences.

Episode 4: Airs Thursday, July 18 | WATCH | RECAP

The practice interview is underway as Douglas faces a battle with a woman who understands him better than he ever suspected.

Who is in the cast of Douglas is Cancelled?

  • Hugh Bonneville as Douglas
  • Karen Gillan as Madeline
  • Ben Miles as Toby
  • Alex Kingston as Shelia
  • Nick Mohammed as Morgan
  • Simon Russell Beale as Bently
  • Madeleine Power as Claudia
  • Joe Wilkinson as Tom
  • Millicent Wong as Theresa 
  • Michael Parr as Sebastian
  • Patrick Baladi as Tilson
  • Stephanie Hyam as Helen

Is Douglas is Cancelled based on a true story?

Despite the 'national treasure turned public enemy' story having echoes of scandals involving the likes of Huw Edwards and Philip Schofield, writer Steven Moffat remains adamant that the show is entirely fictional: "It’s not based on any actual incident. I first wrote it as a play several years ago before the #MeToo movement had even begun. At the time I wrote it, we would have pointed to a different set of examples of bad behaviour. This is a story that keeps repeating itself. So yes, people will compare this drama to real-life incidents, but there are honestly no comparisons to be made. However, the drama does exist in a world in which all that has happened. Douglas will remember that those people have got into trouble recently and worry that he could be next."

What else has Steven Moffat written?

Steven Moffat is creator and writer of noughties sitcom Coupling as well as the modern BBC adaptations of Jekyll, Dracula and Sherlock. He co-wrote Steven Spielberg's big screen Tintin adapted the recent HBO take on The Time Traveller's Wife. 

Most recently, Moffat penned the dark BBC thriller Inside Man starring David Tennant. He is best known as a Doctor Who writer and former showrunner, steering the ship during Matt Smith and Peter Capaldi's time in the TARDIS and writing episodes during both of Russell T. Davies stints in charge. 

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