Doctor Who season 14 full season guide: plot, cast and everything we know

The Doctor (Ncuti Gatwa) and Ruby (Millie Gibson) run down the street towards the camera in 60s attire - he's wearing a navy blue double-breasted pinstripe suit, she's wearing a mod-style black-and-white dress
(Image credit: Bad Wolf/BBC Studios)

Doctor Who season 14 has now finished but don't worry you can still watch it on BBC iPlayer in the UK and Disney Plus in the US.

Here's all about series 14 and also check out our Doctor Who season 15 guide...

Doctor Who season 14: next episode & release date

Doctor Who season 14 is available to watch on BBC iPlayer in the UK and Disney Plus in the US. If you're looking to revisit some of the Time Lord's previous adventures, be sure to check how you can watch Doctor Who online for free.

Doctor Who season 14 episode guide

The Doctor (Ncuti Gatwa) and Ruby Sunday (Millie Gibson) photographed standing back-to-back inside the TARDIS in Doctor Who season 14

The Doctor's next adventures: speculate away! (Image credit: BBC Studios/James Pardon/Bad Wolf)

At the end of March 2024, episode titles and the corresponding writers and directors were revealed for Doctor Who season 14. We've subsequently added in short episode summaries for each of the episodes that's already aired. 

  • "Space Babies": Writer: Russell T Davies / Director: Julie Anne Robinson — Ruby learns the Doctor’s amazing secrets when he takes her to the far future. There, they find a baby farm run by babies. But can they be saved from the terrifying bogeyman? 
  • "The Devil's Chord": Writer: Russell T. Davies / Director: Ben Chessell — The Doctor and Ruby meet The Beatles but discover that the all-powerful Maestro is changing history. London becomes a battleground with the future of humanity at stake. 
  • "Boom": Writer: Steven Moffat / Director: Julie Anne Robinson — Caught in the middle of a devastating war on Kastarion 3, the Doctor is trapped when he steps on a landmine. Can he save himself and Ruby, plus the entire planet... without moving?
  • "73 Yards": Writer: Russell T Davies / Director: Dylan Holmes Williams — Landing on the Welsh coast, the Doctor and Ruby embark on the strangest journey of their lives. In a rain-lashed pub, the locals sit in fear of ancient legends coming to life. 
  • "Dot and Bubble": Writer: Russell T Davies / Director: Dylan Holmes Williams. A slimy monster threatens a society in denial...
  • "Rogue": Writers: Kate Herron & Briony Redman / Director: Ben Chessell. The Doctor and Ruby land in 1813, where guests at a duchess's party are being murdered, and a mysterious bounty hunter called Rogue is about to change the Doctor's life for ever.
  • "The Legend of Ruby Sunday": Writer: Russell T Davies / Director: Jamie Donoughue. The Doctor and UNIT investigate Ruby's past. But as the Time Window reveals horrifying secrets from the fateful Christmas Eve when she was abandoned as a baby, the mysterious Triad Technology unleash the greatest evil of all.
  • "Empire of Death": Writer: Russell T Davies / Director: Jamie Donoughue. The BBC teases: "The Doctor has lost his ageless enemy reigns supreme and a shadow is falling over creation. Nothing can stop the devastation... except, perhaps, one woman."

Doctor Who season 14 episode Rogue with the Doctor and Ruby at a Regency party

Doctor Who season 14 had a Bridgerton moment (Image credit: BBC)

Doctor Who season 14 cast

Naturally, the top name here is Sex Education star, Ncuti Gatwa as the 15th Doctor. Does this full series mark him out amongst the best Doctor Whos? 

When he was first announced as The Doctor, Ncuti said in a statement: "There aren't quite the words to describe how I’m feeling. A mix of deeply honored, beyond excited and of course a little bit scared. This role and show means so much to so many around the world, including myself, and each one of my incredibly talented predecessors has handled that unique responsibility and privilege with the utmost care." 

In July 2023, Ncuti confirmed that he wasn't going to be a one-and-done Doctor as he will be sticking around beyond season 14. In an interview with Rolling Stone UK, the incoming Time Lord made it clear he'd be working on more episodes and revealed a little bit more info about his version of the Doctor. 

"My Doctor is emotionally vulnerable. He hides it with humor, but he's lonely", Ncuti said. "I can't say much more than that; I don't want to spoil anything. But he's also energetic! The poor cameramen struggled to keep up."

Ncuti Gatwa in his brown tweed suit costume as The Doctor.

This was one of the very first images we got of Ncuti as The Doctor.  (Image credit: BBC/Bad Wolf)

Ncuti continued: "I will endeavour my utmost to do the same. Russell T Davies is almost as iconic as the Doctor himself and being able to work with him is a dream come true. His writing is dynamic, exciting, incredibly intelligent and fizzing with danger. An actor’s metaphorical playground. The entire team have been so welcoming and truly give their hearts to the show. And so as much as it’s daunting, I’m aware I’m joining a really supportive family. Unlike the Doctor, I may only have one heart but I am giving it all to this show."

As for supporting characters, the first two new stars confirmed for the series were Jemma Redgrave and Aneurin Barnard.

Jemma Redgrave in a green coat as Kate Lethbridge-Stewart for Doctor Who

Kate Stewart is coming back! (Image credit: BBC Studios/Bad Wolf)

Jemma reprises her role as Kate Lethbridge-Stewart, the head of UNIT, and once again assists the Doctor in whatever way she can against the new alien threats in the series.

Excitingly, Jemma's return as Kate Stewart came with the reveal that UNIT (the Unified Intelligence Taskforce) would be returning as a presence in the new series as well after previously being shuttered in-universe due to budget constraints. 

Comparatively, we knew precious little about Aneurin Barnard's role until he appeared in "73 Yards". He played Roger ap Gwilliam, a name Davies later clarified the meaning of on Instagram. Sharing the casting announcement, he wrote: "ap is Welsh for 'son of'".

Aneurin Barnard in a double-breasted gray coat for Doctor Who season 14

Who is Roger ap Gwilliam? (Image credit: BBC Studios/Bad Wolf)

We knew very little about Aneurin Barnard's character until he appeared. As it turned out, the 1899 star' was playing a dangerous politician who represented the fictional Albion party.

The BBC also confirmed that Anita Dobson and Michelle Greenidge were part of the season 14 cast. Michelle Greenidge plays Ruby's foster mother, Carla, whilst Anita Dobson plays Ruby's nosy neighbor, Mrs Flood, both of whom appeared in the Christmas special.

Life After Life star Jack Forsyth-Noble is also part of the series, playing Will.

The BBC has also revealed they've signed up Jinkx Monsoon for Doctor Who season 14. Although their role in the show wasn't revealed at first, we've subsequently learned that Monsoon will be playing a new villain in the show. 

Ahead of the two-episode premiere, Monsoon's villain was identified as "Maestro", a musical villain who causes havoc for the Doc and Ruby back in the 1960s. In our Jinkx Monsoon interview, she opened up about the character, revealing that Maestro is a character whom 'human rules don't apply to'.

Jinkx Monsoon in costume for Doctor Who staring down the lens menacingly with hands outstretched

Will the Doctor be able to defeat Jinkx Monsoon's new villain? (Image credit: James Pardon/Bad Wolf/BBC Studios)

The cast for season 14 just keeps growing, too. Since Jinkx Monsoon's reveal, we learned that Hamilton star Jonathan Groff has landed a 'mysterious' guest role in the new series. Obsession and Game of Thrones star Indira Varma is in the show as "The Duchess", after previously appearing in the Torchwood spin-off.

Of her new role, Indira said: "I’m thrilled to be in Doctor Who and particularly excited to be crossing cosmic paths with Ncuti, as the Doctor, and look forward to creating interplanetary mischief with him. I loved playing Suzie Costello for Russell T Davies in Torchwood so am thrilled to be entering this world again."

Another addition to the cast was BAFTA winner, Lenny Rush, who is on hand as a character known as Morris. Of his new role, Lenny said: "It's an absolute honour to be part of Doctor Who, one of the most iconic shows on television and wow what a dream come true!"

Russell T. Davies added: "This is what Doctor Who's all about, brand new talent from the next generation, and no one’s more talented than Lenny! He joins the TARDIS team just in time for the Doctor’s greatest nightmare, so hold on tight!”

Golda Rosheuveul (Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story) is also part of the cast. She plays Jocelyn and appears in the first episode of the series. 

Further guest stars include Callie Cooke, Dame Siân Phillips, Genesis Lynea, Alexander Devrient, Bhav Joshi, Majid Mehdizadeh-Valoujerdy, Tachia Newall, Gwïon Morris Jones, and Caoilinn Springall.

Who's the new Doctor Who companion?

New Doctor Who companion Millie Gibson photographed in front of the TARDIS

Millie Gibson is joining Ncuti Gatwa in the TARDIS. (Image credit: Lara Cornell/BBC Studios)

The next Doctor Who companion was revealed during Children in Need 2022 on Friday, November 18, 2022. During the show, the TARDIS appeared on stage, and we learned that Coronation Street star Millie Gibson was taking on the role after she stepped out of it! 

Millie's companion is called Ruby Sunday. The 2023 Christmas Special revealed that she was a foundling baby and was left by her mother outside the church on Ruby Road. You can watch Millie's reveal from the Children In Need 2022 show below:

Meet the new companion, Millie Gibson! | Doctor Who - YouTube Meet the new companion, Millie Gibson! | Doctor Who - YouTube
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Some set photos released in April 2023 saw the Doctor and Ruby sporting a vintage look as the pair stepped back in time to the swinging 60s as filming on the latest series continued. Thanks to the trailer, we now know these snaps are from an episode set at Abbey Road Studios alongside The Beatles!

Composite of several shots of The Doctor (Ncuti Gatwa) and Ruby Sunday (Millie Gibson) posing in their 60s-inspired attire.

Is that a TARDIS blue striped suit? (Image credit: BBC/Bad Wolf/Disney)

Earlier this year, it was claimed that we wouldn't be spending too much time with Millie Gibson, with The Mirror reporting that Gibson would be replaced after just one series, putting in only a handful of appearances in the next season in 2025. 

However, we now know that's not the case. In April, the Doctor Who team teased a new companion for 2025, with a new behind-the-scenes photo showing that Ncuti and Millie Gibson will instead be joined by Varada Seethu (Jurassic World: Dominion, Andor) after this first set of adventures.

Is there a Doctor Who season 14 trailer? 


SEASON 1 TEASER | Doctor Who 2024 | Doctor Who - YouTube SEASON 1 TEASER | Doctor Who 2024 | Doctor Who - YouTube
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What else do we know about Doctor Who's next series?

In an issue of Doctor Who Magazine (#585, released in December 2022), returning showrunner Russell T. Davies confirmed that the new series will only be eight episodes long, though it will be accompanied by a festive special. He also indicated that the festive specials will continue for the foreseeable future, revealing that he was already working on the script for 2024!

By the sounds of things, we won't have as long to wait between seasons, either, as Davies also claimed the plan for the show going forward is to have annual, mainline seasons. "It takes a while to get the empire in shape, but that's a serious plan: annual Doctor Who, no gap years, lots of content, on and on", he said.

Will there be another season of Doctor Who?

Yes, Ncuti Gatwa will be getting at least two seasons as the titular Time Lord, and we got a progress update on his second series not long back. 

Filming on the next series got underway back in October 2023, and Russell T. Davies confirmed that season 15 had wrapped in late May with a snap alongside Michelle Greenidge in Cardiff. 

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