Hurry, Amazon's super Cyber Monday deal on Prime Video channels is live

Amazon Prime Video channels
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A reliable Cyber Monday streaming deal that Amazon unleashes regularly is a discount for Prime Video fans that lets you enjoy a different batch of movies and TV shows. It's almost good enough to distract from the fact that there's no deal on Prime Video subscriptions themselves!

This deal, which began for Black Friday and extends over Cyber Monday, affects Amazon Prime Video Channels. There are two different discounts depending on where you live: in the US, until Sunday, December 3, you can save 75% of the price of select channels for your first two months. In the UK, you can sign up for 99p per month for your first three months, however this deal ends soon (Monday, December 27), so if you're interested you may want to hurry.

To enjoy this deal, you need to already be an Amazon Prime subscriber, as the channels are only available to people who have access to Prime Video. The channels are add-on packages of extra videos, and when you sign up, these are all added to the already-accessible Prime Video library.

Amazon Prime costs $14.99/£8.99 per month or $139/£95 each year, however a free trial to Prime is available for one week, but you can get a whole 30-day one for Black Friday.

US Prime Video Channels in the deal

Each of these Prime Video channels is 75% off its usual asking price for your first two months of a subscription. Below you can see the monthly price, but remember it's twice that for the whole deal.

The deal ends on Sunday, December 3, so act fast!

In the Black Friday sales last year, the list was slightly different, but mostly the same. The discount was slightly different, though.

That time around, each discounted Prime Video channel was $1.99. So in some cases you're getting a better discount this time around, but for other channels the discount isn't as large.

UK Prime Video Channels in the deal

Each of these Prime Video channels lets you get 3 months of streaming for just 99p each month, before reverting to the usual pricing. There are only three, so you've not got a huge amount of choice.

The deal ends on Monday, December 27, so act fast!

Prime Video Channel trials are a great way to test out new batches of content without having to pay for the usual up-front cost of the videos. I always sign up to 2 or 3 each Black Friday, to see if there's anything worth keeping around.

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