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NCAA March Madness Live brings split-screen view to Android TV & Fire TV

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Source: NCAA (Image credit: NCAA)
What you need to know

• Multigame view expands to Android TV & Fire TV with a two game split-screen mode.

• March Madness Live will be integrated with Google Assistant for the first time.

• A whip-around channel, Fast Break, will have live looks at all the best games of rounds 1 & 2.

College basketball is deep in conference championship tournaments, and Selection Sunday for March Madness is right around the corner. As the NCAA Men's basketball tournament approaches, Turner Sports and the NCAA are rolling out updates and new features for their signature app. There is a lot here for fans to get excited about, but the biggest news is the arrival of a Multigame viewing option for the NCAA March Madness Live app on Android TV and Amazon Fire TV.

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Multigame view on Android TV and Amazon Fire TV platforms will allow fans to watch two different live games at the same time on one screen. This feature is new to Android TV and Fire TV , but it has been available since 2016 on Apple TV which supports up to four games on the same screen simultaneously. For fans who love to stream all the games, this feature is a big plus especially when two games are coming down to the end at the same time. NCAA March Madness Live debuted on Android TV last year, to the delight of Shield TV owners.

March Madness Live will also bring back their Fast Break channel, which streams live looks in on all the games. This is a whip-around channel similar to the NFL Redzone or MLB ChangeUp shows, where one channel switches views to the best games at any time. The NCAA says the channel will also have highlights and analysis, presumably when all games are on break or at commercials.

Both the Multigame view and the Fast Break channel are only available during limited windows for the first two rounds of the tournament, March 19-22. That makes sense, because that's when there are the most times that multiple games overlap each other. The first Thursday and Friday of March Madness, there are often four games going all at once.

How to watch March Madness online & without cable

This announcement also mentioned that NCAA March Madness Live will add a new Google Assistant integration in 2020. They have not offered more details on how the app will work with the Google Assistant, but a decent guess would be that it could have an integration similar to other streaming platforms like Hulu or CBS All-Access.

Users link those streaming services to the Google Assistant inside of the Google Home app. Once that is done, they can tell the Google Assistant what they want to watch and where they want to watch. "Hey Google, watch Picard on my Nest Hub Max". It's easy to imagine this will end up with users telling the Assistant "Hey Google, watch Duke vs. Gonzaga on my living room TV".

March Madness Live is available for a variety of streaming platforms, including Android TV , Fire TV , Apple TV , and Roku . You can also get the app for Android phones and tablets, iPhones, iPads, and Fire tablets.