Fans call out 'sore losers' during The Traitors reunion

The Traitors reunion, The Traitors US season 1 reunion
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That tense The Traitors reunion proved the drama and backstabbing are far from over.

Like the UK-based original, The Traitors US brought together reality stars from popular series including The Real Housewives of Beverly HillsBig Brother and The Bachelor to join game-loving laymen for the chance to deceive one's way to $250,000. All 10 hour-long episodes dropped at once on Peacockmuch to fan's chagrin — meaning viewers found out on Thursday, January 12, which cutthroat cast member ultimately proved victorious. 

In the end, Survivor alum Cirie Fields was crowned the winner, having successfully concealed her true Traitor identity from the rest of the players. Much of the reunion —an hour-long special hosted by Andy Cohen, which premiered on the streamer on Tuesday, February 28 — was spent unraveling her season-long deceptions and, as many of her costars felt, betrayals. 

Things started pleasantly enough, with updates from both the Faithfuls and the four Traitors (save for Bravolebrities Reza and Brandi, both of whom didn't attend the reunion). Michael Davidson lost 50 pounds, a pregnant Kate Chastain "gained 50," she joked, people finally learned how to spell "Geraldine" — including Christian De La Torre, who is now dating his costar IRL — and many babies were born since the filming of the American adaptation's first season. 

It was actually those family expansions, particularly of Cirie's fellow final three competitors Andie Vanacore and Quentin Jiles, that kickstarted the betrayal talk at the reunion. 

"I felt like Cirie was stabbing me in the back by being a Traitor and then ultimately using my life to get Arie to quit, in reference to my kids, she stabbed me in the chest," Quentin says, claiming Cirie knew of his situation back home and used that knowledge to her advantage.

When Andy asks Andie if they've since forgiven Cirie, the finalist reveals: "They don't show it but I was sitting on the ground crying for 10 minutes before I could even look at her because for me I was, like, I need to separate how I'm gonna react at this moment from how I actually feel." 

"Every single person on here trusted me in some sense," Andie says. "At the end of the day, you [Cirie] had to trust somebody to go forward in the game... I really thought because of the relationship that we built, you knew that I was having a kid on the way, you knew that I wanted top surgery and gender-affirming care. We talked about that stuff so it was for sure painful." 

"What did she do wrong?" Andy pointedly asks Andie and Quentin about Cirie's strategy. "I don't think I would have used people's families or those personal connections like that," Andie replies. 

"You felt that Cirie used your personal experience in order to get Arie to leave so that she could keep all of the money?" Andy asks, to which they both agree.

As the winner, Cirie gets the final word, telling the group: "If you guys ever play these games again, there are going to be ups and downs but the relationships that are formed for me in this game, and this is particular to you Andie, our relationship was so real to me. It had nothing to do with The Traitors... all of the in-depth conversations we had was 100% authentic for me and you. It just so happened that it occurred during this game called The Traitors."

A tearful Andie ultimately forgives Cirie and they hug it out. Because when it comes down to it, as Kate says, "Don't hate the player, hate the game." 

Fans react to that tense The Traitors reunion:

Fans of the reality show who watched the reunion definitely seemed more Team Cirie on this, some even calling those complaining about her tactics as "sore losers."

You can stream The Traitors US reunion right now on Peacock.

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